Alice Closet Anime Dressup Mobile Game Review

Title: Alice Closet

Cost: Free

Platform: IOS or Android

Genre: Anime Dressup Game

Release Date: 06/17/21

Language: English

Where To Download:

I recently shared news of the launch of Alice Closet, a new free mobile game with anime artwork by famed manga artist Arina Tanemura. Arina’s works include Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Phantom Thief Jeanne, and Time Stranger Kyoko, just to name a few popular shoujo manga by this artist.

I have been playing the game since launch and I am loving it so far. I did purchase some of the cash items admittedly, but the game is free to play and the cash items are totally optional.

The game offers a lot of dressup options by allowing you to control 4 characters at once pretty early on in the game.

Gameplay: 10/10 Gameplay is similar to other anime dressup games. You play gacha or complete story levels, quests, and achievements to unlock new outfits for your characters. You can piece together unique outfits from multiple layered items such as Hair, hats, headbands, hair accessories (yes you can wear all 3 of those categories at once if you want), shoes, socks, pants, skirts, dresses, coats, leg accessories, arm accessories, hand held objects, floor objects, etc. Objects are ranked based on scores such as fancy, cute, elegant, cool, warm, rural, etc.

Use your outfits to complete story driven levels, or go head to head with other players in fashion battles. The fashion battles reset weekly with prizes going to those who rank well. You can see how you rank with friends or against the whole server.

You can unlock limited time titles, event items, and more by participating in the frequent time limited events and other special content. Since the game just launched, there are a lot of events going on right now. Some examples of in game events currently being held include a themed cafe “mini level” where you earn “cake”. It plays similar to the story levels of the game, all single player. You can trade the cakes for limited time outfits. You are also scored and ranked based on how many cakes you’ve collected throughout the event.

Other events include time limited gacha outfits that only stay around for a few days at a time. There’s also more permanent gacha and some even offer free spins every few hours.

Other gameplay elements include running your own store. You must serve NPC customers who come to your shop by fulfilling their requests by dressing them in your existing items (don’t worry you aren’t actually selling or losing your items). Example, a customer might request elegant hair accesories and socks and a budget of 5,000 gold.

After you serve your customers, you will earn points and again be scored and ranked each week for how successful your store is. You might also encounter VIP customers who if you service them repeatedly will reward you with rare outfits and more.

Story: 5/10 – A twist on Alice In Wonderland. I did read the story up through chapter 1-5 or so, I saw the berserk Alice and thought that was interesting. But at some times – most of the times honestly – the story drags. I started skipping story, but will occasionally read it still if something looks interesting.

The basic premise is that you are from Earth and meet a young man from another world when both of you suddenly get teleported to his world. He tells you about mana and seeds and Alice. Alice are lifelike dolls, and the world is full of Alice owners. Alice owners love to challenge eachother to dressup battles to see whose Alice is the most powerful. Meanwhile you’re searching for a way home.

Early in the game, there is a lot of foreshadowing about berserk Alice and bad things happening a long time ago. It begins to repeat itself but you and your Alice save the day. Shiki seems strange after that and mumbles about having seen something like that before. Edgar also seems to know more than he tells you.

After learning about the legendary Alice and berserk Alice, you are invited to a special Alice competition by invite only. A Strange rabbit appears too.

Characters 6/10 – The characters are all based on Alice in Wonderland – There’s Gren the mad hatter, Shiki (I dunno if he is the white rabbit or if the rabbit is the white rabbit), Edgar (I haven’t figured out who he most closely resembles, maybe the catepillar?), The queen of hearts, a Lolita girl (also haven’t decided which character she is supposed to be). Etc. I like this twist on a new Alice in Wonderland story. It’s something I’ve seen before in other anime and otome, but not quite like this. I also love the Alice(s) themselves as I collect real life anime dolls, so the game fondly reminds me of my dolls. And dressing up and customizing the Alices is the best part. Ultimately though the story and character development are too slow to grow deeply connected to any of the characters.

Voice Acting: 8/10 The characters are partially but not fully voiced. There are a few typos in dialogue and the voices are in Japanese only at this time. The voice acting is actually good though.

Music: 6/10 Not many tracks, but the ones that are there are very nice.

Graphics: 10/10 – definitely the highlight of this game is the gorgeous artwork by Arina Tanemura. I would play this game just for the artwork alone. Some items are even animated. So many options with layering and other things too. It’s a beautiful game, especially for shoujo or lolita fans.

Replay Value: 10/10 – so many events, limited time items, quests, and daily tasks. I’m a daily player already hooked. Love it.

Community: 4/10 – No guild system? Or I’m not far enough to have unlocked it? No chat system. They do have an official facebook page for fans. And there are plenty of ranked and scored competitions with other players. You do have a large friendlist capacity up to 200 people, but seems you can’t do much besides send eachother stamina, view photos/outfits, see your rankings, and vote/compete in the online competitions with your friends. Seems they could’ve done more here honestly.

Overall: 59/80 74% C “Good Game For Girls”

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Razer Opus X Wireless Headset Review

I just received my Razer Opus X Wireless Headset 3 days ago. I have done 6 videos included in this review. The first is an unboxing video. The other videos are “attempted soundtests” attempted because the audio YOU will hear while watching these videos is NOT exactly what you will hear while WEARING the Razer Opus X. I just have the Iphone placed right inside the ear cup of the Razer Opus X in those reviews.

I’m just going to sprinkle my videos throughout here in chronological order, starting with my unboxing, and then part 1 of the review / soundtest, part 2, and so on. Enjoy!

Also fair warning – these videos and review are all COMPLETELY amateur level. I have no idea what I’m doing. I do not have a tripod (yet), and so I drop the phone a few times or accidentally drop the headphone and turn power off on them and then you hear my computer audio for a few minutes before I realize what happens (I talk you through it though so you’ll know when it happens, plus you’ll probably hear when it happens too). ANYWAYS yeah sorry these videos are a HOT MESS.

Razer Opus X Quartz Edition 2021 Unboxing

Just an unboxing video. Stay tuned for a full review in the next few days. Razer Opus X Quartz Edition 2021 Unboxing


My house is also a HOT MESS right now because we are moving in like 6 days and ahhh everything’s crazy. Also we just had a party for my fiance last night for his 38th birthday. So the house is like EXTRA messy, and everyone is coming over again later today for another party for their wrestling pay per view stuff – so we cleaned a little but largely left things as is instead of setting up again tonight lol.

Anyways enough excuses!!! ON TO THE REVIEW!!!

Also let me just say, I bought these headphones with my own money, under no sponsorship or anything of that sort. I like razer products and liked the color which matches my razer quartz laptop and (non razer cheap wireless) mouse, and my pink desk, and pink chair lol.

Razer Opus X Wireless Headset 2021 Full Review and Sound Test Part 1

Razer Opus X Wireless Headset 2021 Full Review and Sound Test Part 1


Actually I think the neon green is the best of the three colors in my opinion, but since everything else I bought was pink, I went with pink. Pink is one of my favorite colors, but actually lately I prefer tiffany blue. I wish razer would come out with a tiffany blue color. They could call it Diamond Blue. Pretty catchy LOL.

So these headsets by Razer cost $99. The same price as the Kraken Wireless Headset (with color chromo kitty ears) Cute. But I read reviews of the Kraken BT Wireless Headset and – not good reviews at all. One of the chief complaints is that it sounds like a Tin Can, very hollow, no bass, and more high pitched overall.

The Kraken Wireless does not have noise cancellation either. I only wear headphones when my fiance is watching TV or something. It’s largely so I don’t disturb other people around me – but also, yeah when I’m gaming I don’t want to be disturbed either! So the fact that the Razer Opus X Wireless 2021 Headset has noise cancellation is a huge selling point for me. More so than the lower latency of the Kraken.

Razer Opus X Wireless Headset 2021 Full Review and Sound Test Part 2

Razer Opus X Wireless Headset 2021 Full Review and Sound Test Part 2


So Razer’s product page for the Razer Opus X Wireless Headphones mentions how it has a lot of deep bass, and I believe that to be true. I am NOT an audiophile. You’ll see in my videos that I’m using some terribly old probably 90s WIRED noise cancelling headphones – Sony though which are believed by many to be the best in noise cancelling technology. They worked fine still. They belonged to my fiance and he gave them to me awhile back. No idea what model or how old they were. The sound was good, noise cancellation was great… But the wire… I HATED having to wrap it and/or untangle it before/after every single use… what a pain in the ass!

That’s why one day I decided – I want wireless headphones.

My natural first instinct was beats by Dre before I googled anything else. My fiance actually just got a great discount on Beats Solo3, an older model, like originally $200 he snagged for $80 at Target. Got the last pair at our local Target. He hasn’t even opened them yet. He bought them after I ordered mine. When he heard I was looking for a wireless headset, he wanted one too.

We both prefer Over the Ear design. I hate the buds that go inside the ear. They are just not comfortable! At least to me, especially for long periods of time ugh. I don’t want something IN my ear. No thanks!

Anyways maybe after he opens his, he’ll let me review them too 🙂

But for now, back to my Razer Opus X.

Razer Opus X Wireless Headset 2021 Full Review and Sound Test Part 3

Razer Opus X Wireless Headset 2021 Full Review and Sound Test Part 3


I took to Google a week or two ago and just typed in “Wireless Headphones” just to see what was out there. You know Google uses algorithms to show you the search results, so for me, I saw these news articles one after another after another about Razer’s new Opus X Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones for just $99. There weren’t ANY reviews anywhere, just NEWS announcing the upcoming / newly released product…

I was torn between the Kraken and Opus until as mentioned reading some negative reviews on Kraken, and ultimately deciding on the Opus X.

My initial thoughts on the Opux X are as follows:

Comfort: 5/5 Very comfortable, I gamed for 3-4 hours straight without any pressure or pain. Fully padded and adjustable and light weight – at least as light as to be expected for an Over the ear design.

Sound Quality: 4/5 Seemed a little quiet even when up all the way – In comparison I play my computer speakers at about 30-40%. I had to turn the Opus X up to 80-90% to achieve about the same volume… However, aside from that caveat, I do personally think the sound quality is quite nice. As promised, it has plenty of bass. The noise cancellation works GREAT. I live right next to a busy highway and constant traffic can be heard even with all windows closed. Also as mentioned, I use these when my fiance is watching TV (typically sports) – it drowns out the TV PLUS his wild cheering lol.

Ease of Use: 4/5 – PERFECT with Computer no problemo. Took less than 10 seconds. But with any type of console, you need a dongle. I don’t have one yet, but you can purchase them for about $10-20. If I decide to purchase one, I’ll let you know how easy it is to pair to a console. I have not tried to pair to my Iphone 12 Pro yet. Controls on left ear cup very straight forward, volume up, down, noise cancellation, and power buttons.

Razer Opus X Wireless Headset 2021 Full Review and Sound Test Part 4

Razer Opus X Wireless Headset 2021 Full Review and Sound Test Part 4


Looks: 3/5 – EH I dunno, they’re super plain – no color chroma lights, no kitty ears, no serpent logo, just a very low profile same color “razer” name printed along the band. Controls etc all same color, very minimal. The green stands out and looks awesome. I do love pink, so I do love my color too, but I dunno, they’re not stylish compared to say Beats by Dre or TokiDoki – BUT…. They ARE definitely more stylish than Bose or Sony or some humdrum black pair.

Gaming: Up to You. ???/10 For me, they’re PERFECT. I am a CASUAL Gamer. I only play RPG, Visual Novel, Otome, and Simulation games. I do NOT play First Person Shooters, Arena Games, and other highly twitchy games. Razer is NOT marketing these as a gaming headset!!! The latency is MUCH TOO HIGH for serious competitive “hardcore” gamers!!! Because you react to what you HEAR, before what you SEE, so for HARDCORE gamers – go with a wired headset – even though yes wires suck, you need the lowest latency possible.

BUT for ME and MY types of games – and the readers of this blog who I assume are female gamers such as myself mostly playing casual games – GO FOR IT!!! THESE ARE AWESOME! You will not have ANY problems what so ever!!!

So for ME personally in my review, 10/10 CASUAL GAMING only – DO NOT USE FOR HARDCORE GAMING EVER K?

But for ME Casual Gaming is ALL I PLAY – so for ME in MY REVIEW – Gaming gets 10/10

I love not having a wire. I love the color. I love the noise cancellation. I love the sound quality. I love everything about these, except they could maybe be a little bit more stylish?


Beats and other popular products FOLD UP for traveling.

One of the biggest uses of noise cancelling headphones is for traveling on long flights…

By not folding up, they are big and cumbersome to pack on a carry on.

In comparrison the 10-20 year old Sony Noise Cancellation headphones I was already using FOLDED up.

So yeah – behind times with the design there! BIG TIME.

If I had to give it a flaw it’d be that they do not fold up.

Also it’d be NICE if it came with a dongle – because Razer is a gaming company, even if they’re NOT marketing these as gaming headsets (which they’re not), it’d still be nice – I can buy one for $10-20 which means it would have maybe cost razer like $5 to manufacture and include one with the headset.

Ah but overall, I am happy with my purchase. Using my traditional scoring system they come out to:

26/30 87% B+ “Very Good Headset For Casual Gamers”

Razer Opus X Wireless Headset 2021 Full Review and Sound Test Part 5

Razer Opus X Wireless Headset 2021 Full Review and Sound Test Part 5



  • Wireless
  • Easy Blue Tooth Pairing With PC
  • Lots of Bass – Nice Sound Quality
  • Excellent Noise Cancellation
  • Lasted for Longer than my play time of 3-4 hours – with Noise Cancellation activated
  • Nice colors
  • Comfortable
  • PERFECT for Casual Gaming, RPGs, Otome Games, Dressup Games, Visual Novels, Dating Sims, Simulation games, etc. Perfect for watching videos and other tasks too. They also say it’s great for conference calls and has dual action noise cancellation on the microphone to let you work from home without interference on your conference calls – I haven’t tested that yet, but in a post Covid work world – this might be a big selling point for you!
  • The fact that it even HAS a microphone is impressive (and see above about noise cancellation). Beats and (some) Sony headsets are headphones only without a mic.


  • No dongle for console gaming included – but it’s cheap to buy $10-20 – just the fact that it is so cheap is like why didn’t razer just include one – makes me feel like THEY are cheap/lazy lol.
  • Kinda minimalistic styling – but not bad
  • THIS HEADSET DOES NOT FOLD – bad ! biggest minus in my opinion – bulky hard to pack or travel with. huge con right there.
  • NOT FOR HARDCORE GAMERS!! Latency is 60 MS – much too high for Hardcore Gamers – not me, but maybe important to some people, especially coming from Razer who has long been god tier for all things hardcore gaming related.

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3 New Free Anime Dressup Games Coming This Summer In English

It’s a great time to be a girl gamer. We are seeing a huge influx of anime otome dressup games. These 3 are all coming in June and July of 2021. Be sure to Pre-register for amazing gifts.

1.) Shining Nikki

SHINING NIKKI | Pre-registration Trailer

Beauty Works Miracles——🎥Pre-registration is open! Check out the latest trailer!🎁Pre-register now to obtain great rewards and a lovely set!※For mo…


Finally, an English release of Shining Nikki! This is the 3D version of Love Nikki. It has been out in Asia for about 2 years already. I was beginning to wonder if we would ever see an English version. I played the Asian versions for a bit and it’s very fun to see Nikki in 3D and animated and moving. She’s even cuter now. Sign up now at Get ready to play Shining Nikki when it launches on July 8, 2021.

2.) Atelier Online Global

Remember, I just mentioned this game a few weeks ago in my post about all of the Atelier games. I mentioned there’s a Japanese online game but that the English version release date said TBA (To Be Announced) – Well, the wait is over. The global English version of Atelier Online has officially been announced. You can sign up here Also Boltrend has an Arc the Lad game that just came out last month. But apparently, the arc the lad game just shut down in Japan a few days ago… so that doesn’t bode well for the global version. Still interesting, as Arc the Lad was a game I mentioned in a blog post here wondering whatever happened to that series. Atelier Online Global is also launching on July 8, 2021 – the same day as Shining Nikki.

3.) Alice Closet

Another one that fans have been anxiously awaiting. Alice Closet’s official English release is right around the corner. Sign up at This one looks super cute for anyone into Japanese lolita fashion. It’s release date is June 17, 2021. Character design is by Arina Tanemura. I’m a huge fan of Full Moon Wo Sagashite, so I am familiar with some of her work. The wait is almost over. The game launches one week from today. I can’t wait!

It’s going to be a great summer of games for us girls. Be sure to check out all of the other anime dressup games I’ve reviewed over the years. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite game to play on those long hot summer days. Stay cool!

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Music Review – What Am I Listening To This Week 6/6/2021

It’s been a hot minute since I did one of these posts. As you know from my previous music posts, I typically just embed a bunch of youtube videos of what I’ve been listening to this week. I warn you, I have VERY eclectic musical tastes. I listen to legit everything – even in languages I legit don’t understand – everything from country, to rap, pop, folk, house, r&b, kpop, indian stuff, jpop – whatever. I listen to everything from mainstream radio faves to current indie underground sleeper hits to 90s to 80s 60s even whatever. LETS DO THIS. lol. I’m just sitting here doing laundry and watching youtube like that.

Sometimes I feature songs again, because 1.) I listen to old and new stuff – and 2.) I forget wtf I shared with you guys before LOL.

Here we go!

1.) Riton X Nightcralwers – Friday Dopamine Re-edit

I feel like I shouldn’t like this, because it’s honestly silly and stupid and just funny…. but I think that’s part of it’s charm I hope? LOL. I dunno why but I just discovered it and listened to it 3 times. I love Friday – it’s my favorite day of the week. “It’s Friday THEEEEENNNN Saturday and Sunday Yeah” (that’s pretty much all it says over and over – with really goofy dancing lol. And throw in a few lines about partying and drinking and you have a summer anthem (for most people… for me, I don’t drink – and only dance in trusted company because I’m terrible and I’m shy AF, and also don’t like parties. But you know what – I still like Fridays YEAH so bring on Friday THEN Saturday and Sunday Yeah – LOL.

Bonus: You know what this song reminds me of? Anyone remember Friday by Rebecca Black? It’s terrible… lol… but Glee actually made it pretty nice. I jam out sometimes to the Glee version lol. It’s my dirty little secret. – I’ve also never watched Glee LOL.

2.) Forest Blakk – If You Love Her

I especially like his acoustic version. It’s so heart moving.

Of course the original is good too – just more auto tuned lol.

And a collab with Meghan Trainor

3.) Sam Fischer, Demi Lovato – What Other People Say

This song is awesome. I haven’t heard it yet on the radio, but I expect it to blow up real soon.

4.) Area 51 – La La La

Very small indie band – only 76,000 subscribers on youtube as of this post. This song is awesome though. Apparently judging by the comments, lots of people found it by an ad on youtube? I just saw it under my suggested videos not as an ad. Either way, check it out.

5.) MAMAMOO – Where Are We Now

This song just dropped 5 days ago. You can turn on English Subtitles. It’s very emotional.

There’s already fans doing english covers:

There’s already fans creating English covers of Mamamoo’s Where Are We Now:

This one’s not English, but she has a beautiful voice – almost as good as the original:

6.) Sarah Barrios + Eric Nam – Have We Met Before?

I really like Eric Nam – he has a very emotional sounding voice. I’ve shared other songs by him before on my blog. I’d not heard of Sarah Barrios, but I just subscribed. Her voice is very unique. You’ll either like it or hate it. I like it.

7. Henry X LeeHi Cover – Like I’m Gonna Lose You

Not their original song obviously, but they sound so nice. I like their version of this song better than the original.

For those wondering, the original song is by Meghan Trainor and John Legend. Who do you think sang it better?

8.) B.I – Illa, Illa

Just discovered this artist. Apparently, he used to be part of a group. Was gone from the KPOP scene for a few years. And now back as a solo artist and got over 15 million views in 24 hours on this song which is now around 30 million views. Clearly, he’s one to watch.

9.) Munn – Need You To Believe

New song last month – I had actually never heard of this artist. Now listening to all of his stuff. Check him out.

10.) Hayd – Superhero

What kind of geeky blog would I be if I didn’t help promote this beautiful sad piano piece that name drops all of the famous superheros. It’s so sad and beautiful. I just discovered this artist (from another one of his songs). Every song he has is wonderful. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Bonus: Here are some of his other songs that I really enjoyed. Lets take a moment to enjoy his beautiful voice and touching lyrics.

11.) Bren Joy – Insecure

The lyrics of this song are very deep if you listen to them. He has a nice high pitch voice too.

12. Zoe Wees – Hold Me Like You Used To

This is super sad. You can feel her pain – written and performed for her deceased great grandma.

13.) Ty Dolla $ign – By Yourself

I like the message in this song – it’s all about female empowerment. Girl Power. Appropriate for my blog dedicated to girl gamers. Where my girls at? 🙂

14.) Cheat Codes – Lean On Me

The chorus to this song is so catchy – I haven’t heard it on the radio yet surprisingly – it seems like one they’d pick up especially for the summer.

15.) BRDGS – Better Days

Almost no one knows of this band with only 3,000 subscribers on Youtube. Their voice is beautiful and the meaning in the message of this song is one the world needs to hear right now.

Bonus: Here are some other great songs by BRDGS. Please check them out. This band deserves so much more love.

16.) The Weeknd – Save Your Tears

I like a lot of songs by the Weeknd. I just bought tickets to go see him in concert next year. This is my favorite song by him though. I love both the original and the remix with Ariana Grande.

Bonus: Some of my other favorite Weeknd Songs:

17. BTS – Butter

I didn’t like this song when it first came out. I like BTS a lot. I’m not at all their biggest fan or ARMY – I can only name 2 or 3 of the members lol. But I like everything they put out. When I first heard this though, I was not too sure. But I dunno, over time, it grew on me. I don’t like it as much as Dynamite (their only other (non-collab) English track) or as well as their Korean songs. But… Butter isn’t bad. I like the Cooler Remix best. There’s also a Hotter and Sweeter Remix. They slow it down in the remixes and I can understand the lyrics better.

Bonus: Other Favorite BTS Songs (and covers):

They even make Christmas Music Look Sexy LOL – Seriously WTF LOL

18. Vance Joy – Missing Piece

This new Vance Joy song just dropped 2 weeks ago. I always love his voice. He’s unlike anyone else out there.

Bonus: Other Favorite Vance Joy Songs

19. James Bay + Lewis Capaldi Let It Go / Someone You Loved

I like both of these songs – and they mash up pretty well together.

Bonus: James also sings his song live with Ed Sheeran

20.) Lily Allen – Somewhere Only We Know

OK I have loved this song for a long time – but never watched the video… It’s awesome. So much 2D hand drawn animation and miniature modeling. I’ll just leave this here to close up for tonight. May you have sweet dreams.

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Sumire Nintendo Switch Game Review

This game touched my soul so deeply. I haven’t cried so much while playing a video game in years. I can’t remember the last time I’ve enjoyed a game as much or connected as deeply to the characters and story as I did while playing this game.

So a bit of background. This is a cheap quick little indie game. It’s what I would call a story-driven game. In this game, you play a young girl whose family fell apart after her grandmother passed away. Her grandmother was kinda the backbone and glue of the whole family. After her grandmother’s passing, her father started working more hours and days further from home in a city far away. He almost never came home which left the girl’s mother feeling insecure and depressed. Slowly their relationship deteriorated, until one day, her father just stopped coming home altogether.

As if dealing with the changes in her family at home wasn’t hard enough, Sumire also is facing changes in her school life and friendships outside of home. Her best friend betrayed her. They’re in love with the same boy. Her best friend now runs with a new circle of friends who are mean girls. Sumire is from a very poor family and can’t afford nice clothes to fit in with the popular kids.

And to make everything worse, the boy she loves is moving away, and Sumire still hasn’t had a chance to tell him how she feels.

But maybe everything can change. What if you were given one perfect day? What would you do? Who would you spend your time with? Where would you go?

The game’s message is this… Every day is a chance for a perfect day… whether it’s the best day, or worst day, or just another average day – well that’s up to you… your actions, your perceptions, your feelings, your emotions… How you treat others, but also how you treat yourself… Each day when we wake up… we have the power to make a perfect day… until some day, when all of our days have run out.

For Sumire’s friend, the flower, he will only have one day… he’s not like a human. He can’t wake up and try again tomorrow… and ultimately… even us humans too… someday we will fade away like the sad flower…. Will we look back on all of our wonderful days? Or will we look back on a life full of wasted opportunities and missed chances? We only have one life to live… whether it’s one day…. or thousands of days… eventually time will run out and it will be too late.

I relate very strongly to the main character in so many ways. She is a person who lives her life with things unsaid and undone. She bottles up any of her emotions, good, or bad, out of fear. I lived over 30 years of my life that way, until I met my fiance who helped me to blossom into a better person. I still relate though to things I missed out on in my first 35+ish years of life. I was too scared to take risks. For Sumire she learns (if you want her to) to overcome her fears, to find self confidence, and courage, at a still young age.

But for some people, like myself – or Sumire’s mother in this game – they never learn – or learn much much later in life – if at all.

I couldn’t finish my list, my perfect day, in my first play through. I will do a second playthrough soon. I was missing just one item. I didn’t have enough coins in the end… I couldn’t make a phone call to tell my parents how I felt.

I also messed up helping the snake find love. I took the garden hose even though the garden hose did not want to be taken, and I couldn’t figure out how to make it right after that. PSA: don’t take the hose. LOL.

But back to my real life for a moment… My mother and I, we love each other, but we don’t always see eye to eye, and sometimes, like Sumire, I feel lonely. I want my mom to spend more time with me, to make more memories with me, to do more things as a family, but my mom is lost in shadows like Sumire’s mom. My mom is in a deep depression, like Sumire’s mom. My mom has had her heart broken many times, but still, she too wants to be loved, like Sumire’s mom. I relate to that a lot. I felt bad for the mom in the game, just as I feel bad for my mom in real life. Depression and mental illness…. My mom is just like Sumire’s mom, she lays in bed sleeping or feeling sad almost all day every day. Actually just a week ago (before even hearing about this game, let alone playing it) I did try to tell my mom how I felt, that I felt like she resented me or didn’t love me. Sort of like Sumire in the game, I do sometimes wonder if my mom was happier when she was younger before I was born. My mom was only 18 or 19 when she had me, and it was unplanned. The person she was with was not ready to be a father, and she left him for my sake. She also dropped out of police academy for my sake, thinking or being told by family that it was too dangerous because if something happened to her, what would happen to me. She married another man, maybe out of love, maybe for my sake, maybe both, and moved us all away across country for his job far away from family or friends. That marriage also ended in divorce like it seems the relationship in the game is going towards. Growing up, when I was really little, I can remember some happy times, but as a preteen, teen, and adult, my mother just slowly slipped into depression, and stopped trying. She withdrew from everyone and everything, and even though I tried, both in this game, and in my own life, to draw them out of their darkness, both my real life mom, and Sumire’s mom in this game (at least on my first play through) remain entrenched in the darkness of depression.

Another point in which I connect super strongly to this game is in how much I love my grandmother. My grandmother is my favorite person in the whole world. She would do anything for me, for my happiness. She loves me probably more than anyone in the whole world. I’m closer to her than even my own mother. Although my grandma is still alive, she’s almost 80 years old, and very sick, can barely get out of bed most days. We don’t have much time left. And some day when she is gone, I will miss her forever. I will never love anyone the way I love my grandma and I will never be loved by anyone like the way my grandma loves me.

So to see the special relationship and sadness and love between Sumire and her deceased grandma it touched my heart. I cried so much at the end of this game. And I’m crying again now just remembering it and thinking about my own grandma.

I was also bullied in school. I had only one friend most of my entire life. And we went to different schools. She was popular too, like Chie in this game, who used to be Sumire’s best friend. But they grew apart. I sometimes wonder if my best friend and I have grown apart, or if I have been a burden to her at all in her life. She is popular, pretty, and successful… and here I am, the “kid” without any friends, who “selfishly” wanted to spend every single weekend with my best friend (because we couldn’t see each other during the week). As we’ve grown, we’ve changed, but I actually just saw my best friend a few days ago for the first time in a long time (since before the pandemic). She was still her bubbley, hyper, happy go lucky self – in many ways. It took me back to the innocence of our youth and a happier simpler time. My real life best friend is going through a lot of really hard things in her heart right now. I think in a lot of ways, the best friend relationship in Sumire and Chie’s relationship reminded me of my childhood best friend too.

Sumire is basically living my life, breath for breath, beat for beat. It’s like someone wrote a story about my life. Maybe that’s because there’s a lot of people experiencing these things? These same things? Same fears? Same sadnesses? Same struggles?

In the game of Sumire, you can choose to be good or evil, or neutral. You can choice vengence or forgiveness. You can choose to help or ignore others. But you only have one day…. and how you spend your time, will change what happens in the game…. I tried to be the best, nicest person I could be – which is how I try to live my own real life every day. But I still made mistakes in my first playthrough – just as I’m sure I’ve made a few mistakes in my life too.

After you beat the game once, you can try again, for another day. In real life though, we must live with the consequences, good or bad, every day, from our actions. We can try to correct mistakes the next day, but some mistakes in real life, are not easy to recover from.

The game took me, maybe I dunno 10 hours at most to complete a playthrough. But that 10 hours touched me deeply in my soul.

The art work is simple but yet beautiful almost like a water color painting.

The music is absolutely beautiful – one of my favorite things about the game.

Replay value is high – there’s more than one way to live your life.

I HIGHLY recommend this game – especially for the low price – it’s awesome.

If you want an emotional story-driven game – this is the one to buy.


Overall Score: 61/70 87% B+ “Very Good Game For Girls

Geeky: 3/5 – Simple and short and sweet – I think though for the price of just $9.99 the game has enough polish and pizazz and the story really truly sparkles. Make no mistakes though, it is a casual game. There are puzzles and mysteries, but no combat. And in the end, no right or wrong way to play.

Sweetie: 5/5 – I cried so much – also it’s adorable – and also beautiful

Gameplay: 7/10 – You have choices – choices matter – sometimes it’s not always clear which choice is right or wrong – save your money – you will need it at the end of the game – that was my one mistake – I have to play the whole thing again now lol. Which is a little frustrating. But it’ll be worth it to see if there’s another special scene if I complete my list.

Story: 10/10 – I cried – it touched my heart and my soul. It’s so relatable. I loved it.

Characters: 10/10 – There’s not many characters in this game – but they’re relatable too. Help them fix their problems – or not – it’s up to you.

Graphics: 7/10 The graphics are quite simple, but also unique and beautiful. It’s like a water color painting. I like it.

Music: 10/10 – one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard on Nintendo Switch so far.

Replay Value: 9/10 – Decisions matter – different outcomes are affected by your decisions. There is one decision in the game that’s not really a decision, and I felt like I was forced to make it. Most decisions are pretty obvious which is good karma or bad – but not always. I made a few mistakes but still finished with mostly good karma.

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Is There A Stigma Around Older Gamers?

I’m turning 40 tomorrow. I will officially be “Over the hill” or about half way through the average life expectancy. Although I know plenty of people in my own family who are well into their 90s and approaching even 100. So I think that hill should not be until you’re 50, but nonetheless, society is about to brand me as an old woman. Not only an old woman, but an old woman who plays video games. But that’s OK, because as I’ve gotten older, I have learned to stop caring what society thinks. I remember clearly, the day I turned 25. I’m pretty sure I had a quarter-life crisis. I cried all day and told my family that it meant that I had to give up everything I loved, my toys, my games, cosplaying, anime, etc. I don’t know why, but I suddenly felt shame for my hobbies. Games and anime and cosplay were popular with teenagers and early 20something year olds, but I didn’t know of anyone 25+ who enjoyed those things. Even my closest friends who used to play games with me, had long since moved on to other more adult hobbies.

Gaming isn’t the only geeky hobby that I embrace. Perhaps even more stigmatic is the fact that I will be 40 years old and collecting dolls. I started collecting dolls back in 2006. Even as a 20 something year old it was considered weird. My own family even later in life told me that they thought only “retards” (their word, not mine, no hate please, direct quote), only “retards” would carry a doll around. I carried it to take photographs of it outside, in flowers and trees, at a beach, and so on.

My family said they were wrong and they have met some of my doll meetup group members and organizers and have witnessed that many are/were even older than myself at the time. But now, 15-20 years later, I’m probably (one of) the old hen in the hen house now.

Prior to 2006 – even as a small child, I never once took interest in dolls. I liked animal shaped toys, but not humanoid ones. I was never one for barbie, etc. It was 2004 I think when I saw my first picture of an Asian Balljointed Doll on the internet. It would take me another year and a half to save up money for my first one. I still have her too. Dollzone Demi version 2. They no longer make her, or any other version of Demi. She’s turned yellow (because they are made of resin and it breaks down or oxidizes over time). But I still love her.

Balljointed Dolls are sold blank, no face, you paint your own, or hire an artist to paint it for you, or pay the company an extra fee to have it painted. They are sold bald. There’s no hair. You make or buy wigs. And they are sold nude. No clothes. They are also anatomically correct. They are adult collector dolls and not intended for children.

But yet, it’s such a very small hobby, that the stigma remains. That stigma society believes tells them that dolls are for children. Surely, a 40 year old woman with her doll in a public place is going to get some stares and maybe even hear some bad things behind her back, or more blazingly, right to her face.

But these dolls are not cabinet babies, they are meant to be works of art. And photography is yet another form of art. So naturally people like to take asian balljointed dolls out into public spaces to take photographs.

I don’t think society will ever accept that dolls are for adults too. And I have decided that’s OK. I stopped caring what society thinks – for the most part. Up until Coronavirus, I was actively cosplaying and attending conventions. I was 38 years old.

I’m overweight (Overweight cosplayers get hate too – damn so many stigma) But on the plus, it makes it so I don’t look as old as I really am. When you lose weight, your face loses collagen and loses elasticity, so I actually look about 10 years younger than my friends who are close to my age, some even younger than me. I could pass for about 32-35 easily. But still, even 30 is “old” in society’s negative mindset. 30 year olds shouldn’t be cosplaying or going to conventions or playing with dolls, or have pink, blue, green, rainbow hair, or watch anime, or any number of other “child like things”.

Well I’m sorry society, I don’t agree with you and your “rules”. I won’t follow your narrow mindset. I am turning 40 tomorrow and even when (if god’s willing) I turn 100, I’ll still be a gamer. I’ll be playing retro AND new video games, pc, console, and mobile games, I’ll be watching anime and Kdrama, I’ll be listening to KPOP and JRAP and probably still reviewing games and anime and dolls and toys here on my blog. I’ll still have the latest gaming computer, latest mobile phone, latest gaming console, and my doll collection by time I’m 100 will probably be damn near 100 (different dolls) itself. Sorry, not sorry. I’ll still take my dolls out in public. And probably care even less as I get older. I don’t know if I’ll still cosplay, but I’ll still go to conventions, and host my own meetups, and board game nights, and everything else.

How old is too old, to do what you love? I describe myself as a geek and a gamer. I identify as a geek and a gamer. It’s WHO I AM, AS A PERSON. That’s NEVER going to change. It’s the first thing I tell people about myself when I meet them for the first time. I don’t say Hi, my name is Jen and this is my career, I live in this neighborhood, I make this income, I have pets/kids/this car, like this movie or this book, no… The first thing I say… is Hi, I’m Jen I’m a gamer. I like to play games and watch anime. Since it’s literally my IDENTITY, I don’t forsee it ever changing.

I’ve played games since the first 8 bit NES, or even atarii at friends houses, or even had my stepdad lift me up to reach controls on arcade or pinball machines since before I could walk/barely talk.

I’m a gamer. I am a female. And I’m turning 40 tomorrow. That’s me. If you don’t like it, too bad. HAHA. I’m also a “casual gamer” and we get A LOT of hate, even from other gamers. What is a casual gamer? It means I play different less popular games. I don’t play mainstream stuff like call of duty or fortnite, I don’t care for action games. I play games for a different reason. I want to experience a story, to connect with and identify with the characters, or in some cases, I want to freely express and explore my own creativity, in things such as dressup games, simulation games, building games, so on where there maybe is no story or character progression. But it’s usually one of those two reasons – Story or Creativity – that’s the type of gamer I am, always have been, always will be.

Turning 40 won’t stop me from enjoying my hobbies. I know society will (continue to) judge me and others like me, who have a young at heart mindset… but that’s too bad. It’s their loss, not mine. They’re losing out on making friends with a good person with a good heart, a good friend. I won’t let their judgment stop me from doing what I enjoy. What is life without pleasure, without enjoyment, without ENTHUSIASM. It’s good to have hobbies and passions – and I am and always have been and always will be SUPER PASSIONATE about games, anime, dolls, toys, technology, and Kpop/Kdrama. Those are my passions. Those are my identity. They give my life meaning and purpose. They fill my life and my mind and my heart with love and enjoyment and creativity and wonder and amazement. This will always be true.

It’s a shame society forces people to give up what they love. Age is just a number. A birthday is just a day. You don’t suddenly gain maturity or wisdom by living one more day, or one more year, or one more decade. Wisdom and Maturity are awarded through overcoming struggles and hardships, from hitting rock bottom and climbing to the top, only to be pushed to the bottom again, over and over. And without your passions, your hobbies, the endless climb of life can be too much to bear for some people.

Take enjoyment in whatever makes YOU happy. Don’t stop something you love just because society thinks it’s for children. What is a child? We are all children of God. And god says judge not lest ye too shall be judged. So go with peace and go with grace. And the next time you see an adult enjoying child-like things. reflect fondly on how you were also once a child. I think instead of judging that person, you should admire that person, that they feel confident and comfortable enough to be their true selves and when you look at the happiness that person has enjoying their hobby, instead of mocking them, perhaps you should examine your own life. Are you perhaps the one lacking happiness? Your inner child is screaming, let’s play! But you’ve locked your inner child in a small tiny room. Let your inner child out once in awhile – it’s quite an enjoyable experience. I guarantee you will live more stressfree, happier, and receive more abundance in your life when you follow your heart’s desire, whatever that may be, even if others think it’s just for kids.

I’m turning 40 tomorrow and I feel more confident in who I am as a person, and what I want and desire from life. I’m getting married in 3 months. We just bought a house. We’re openly discussing adoption or perhaps natural birth (but with my age there are some concerns). We are building the life we want together. And no, my fiance does not share my same hobbies or interests, BUT he always respects me and encourages me to continue to enjoy my hobbies and interests, and I love him for that (and many other reasons obviously). So see – there are those who will love and accept you as YOU. Don’t change yourself for others – because in the end, you’ll both be miserable. There’s no greater feeling in the world than to be loved and accepted for the person that you truly are without hiding or holding back or changing yourself for that acceptance.

So this is to give a boost of confidence to all geeks, gamers, doll and toy collectors, cosplayers, whatever out there reading this, whether you’re 20 or 80 or 800, I’ll close with the old saying “Those who matter won’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter” – Stop caring what society thinks. Be brave, be bold, and be 100% Authentic Always. Be You!

PS: I’ll be unboxing my Smart Doll Starlight later today – it’s my birthday present to myself. Stay turned to this blog and my social media for lots of doll photos later. I decided I wanted a doll for my 40th birthday. 40 is a monumentous birthday. A transition from a young woman, into… I dunno what lol. An old woman? A middle aged woman? lol Whatever society chooses to call me, I am still just simply “me” at the end of the day. I’ll have my doll for my lifetime, to look back and reflect “That’s when I turned 40” 20 years from now, 40 years from now… It will be a cherished landmark of my 40 years thus far. All that I’ve been through, but also a window into the past – as the years go by – all of the unforseen, wonderful, sad, terrible, amazing, happy, exciting things that we can’t see until they happen to us. Come what may though, my games and dolls are here to stay.

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Flipped In Love Anime Dressup Game Review

I think Flipped In Love, Project Star, and Starry Love are all the same game – but different! The gameplay in Flipped In Love (and possibly Project Star, I haven’t gotten far enough to unlock it yet) allows you to breed rare cats that get genetic markings and stats from their parents. Obviously, that’s not the main feature in Flipped In Love. But it’s probably my favorite feature in the game.

Flipped In Love is first and foremost an anime dressup game. You unlock rare outfits and accessories and dressup your avatar to compete in fashion battles. You recruit team members, join guilds, garden, cook, and as mentioned raise cats. But the other big chunk of the game is that it’s also an anime otome dating sim game. There’s 4 guys you can date from the childhood friend to the tsundere to the childlike one to the artistic one. These 4 stereotypes are featured in multiple similar games, Flipped in Love, Project Star, and Starry Love, as well as Wannabe Challenge and Mr Love Queen’s Choice… and probably many more games.

The reason that I’m fairly certain this little trio of games is somehow related is that the story and premise in each of them are almost identical. Flipped In Love and Project Star literally have the exact same story. You fall into the water and die. In Flipped In Love you wake up in someone’s body. In Project Star you wake up in your own body but 5 years in the past. Starry Love has you run into traffic and get hit by a car and wake up in your own body in the past also. In each case it is your boyfriend who betrays you who leads to your death and your goal is to become a top star to get revenge on your ex. All 3 games you’re an idol. In Project Star and Starry Love you’re a live streamer. In Flipped in Love I think you’re an idol singer but still similar concept. The gameplay in Project Star and Starry Love has you performing live streams. All 3 games let you admire other players in the rankings for free diamonds. Flipped in Love and Starry Love have the lifetime membership card to get rid of ads with a one time purchase (and other benefits). Flipped In Love and Project Star have a cat raising feature I think (I have to get to chapter 9 in Project Star to unlock the cats). Gameplay is similar in all 3 games. Dressup, play gacha, date, build a guild, fashion battles, story progression, etc.

I’ve seen this before. Romantic Diary also had another version of the game, with a different name, both available in the US app stores. But Romantic Diary and its clone were exact clones. That’s NOT the case with Flipped In Love and its similar entries. Here’s how they differ from each other. Each of these games has completely different graphics. That’s the most notable difference. Project Star has very cute pastel kinda more anime looking graphics. Completely different character designs in all 3 games. Different character names. Different fashion items. Flipped In Love is still anime, but more modern like real red carpet type looks and less anime or fantasy looking items. I would say the same is true also of Starry Love. Yes it’s anime still but less of the big round cute eyes and more realistic looking hair and eyes and so on. And each game has a different soundtrack and different voice actors too.

Perhaps they were part of a series of games, and each installment in the series got picked up for localization by a different company and hence the different names and different graphics and so on.

Anyways regardless, all 3 games are a lot of fun and highly recommended to all girl gamers who love anime dressup games or otome dating sims. I’ve put the most time into Starry Love since I played it first. I had the other apps on my phone but didn’t get around to checking them out until a few days ago. I think out of the 3, Project Star is my favorite for the graphics, and Flipped In Love is my favorite for the gameplay – but if I get further into Project Star and see the cat feature is the same or better than Flipped in Love, I’d definitely recommend Project Star as the best of the 3. But I won’t stop playing any of them, especially not Starry Love because I’m in the top 20 players in the world in that game.

I do recommend the lifetime pass for both Starry Love and Flipped In Love. It’s so nice to play without ads! And it’s just a one time $9.99 price – worth it! Plus you get free items and diamonds every day. I did not buy the monthly passes – I have enough monthly subscriptions as it is already. LOL. But I’m tempted to buy it in Flipped In Love to get more diamonds so I can unlock more cat feeding slots in cat city.

So let’s dive into looking at Flipped In Love.


Geeky: 4/5 – Flipped In Love’s gameplay outshines the other similar games. It offers so many gameplay features that they recently redesigned the interface because it was becoming cluttered with buttons. It’s still a casual mobile game at heart, but for a dressup game there’s a lot of stuff to do. One of the best features is raising and breeding cats. Extremely addictive and unique gameplay. They are working on improving the game all the time. Right now they are offering rewards to help them with typos or Engrish since English is not their first language.

Sweetie: 5/5 – So cute, so many outfits, so many things to do. The cats! The cats! Did I mention you can breed cats? LOL I like that almost more than the main gameplay lol.

Gameplay: 10/10 This game offers so much to do that it can be a little overwhelming. Here are just a few of the things you can experience in Flipped In Love. The most important feature is dressing up your avatar. You can unlock new outfits by completing story or event challenges, as well as through quests and leveling up. But, the most common way to earn new outfits is by playing the Gacha which rewards random items.

The next big aspect of this game is that it is an otome dating sim game for girls. You can date 4 different cute guys to get to learn more about them, unlock event scenes, and level them up to help improve your overall market value.

Market value is used to rank you online with other players. You can increase your market value by unlocking new outfits, dating the guys, completing quests and events, or progressing through the story.

There are also several side characters who will join your team. These, like the guys, can also be leveled up to increase your market value. Side characters can take classes at a university to boost their stats, or you can spend experience points to level them up.

The guys and various side characters have skills that unlock as they level up which boost other party members’ skills and abilities.

Take your team into battle in story mode against NPCs or PK red carpet events against other players. There’s also guild events such as team building and team battles to see whose guild is the best.

There’s a chat system in the game, and unlike the other 2 similar games, you can upload your own photo as your avatar – mine is of my cat right now. You can change chat bubbles and frames just like in Starry Love.

Eventually your characters will need to be promoted to unlock new levels and higher skills. The trophy items can be combined to merge them into higher level items to keep progressing. This is also the same in Starry Love.

Wishing for new outfits in the gacha system is way easier and quicker in Flipped In Love. Starry Love gives you one free gacha draw a day, but Flipped In Love has special wish tickets you can earn fairly easy. I get multiple 10-wish draws (for 4 star items) each day. On top of that, Flipped In Love lets you play two different Gacha for free each day.

Speaking of free – Flipped In Love also lets you play the cat blind box for free about once every 2 days. Right now there’s 3 or 4 different themes going on – I don’t know if they are limited time themes or a constant in the game. Each theme has 10 different cats to collect, including one rare 5 star cat in each blind box.

You can also go on tour, where you will find many nice items, including rare cats, each day for absolutely free. You also find diamonds, coins, stamina, and props for your characters.

But back to the cats. There’s a place in Flipped In Love called Cat City. Here’s where the magic happens. LOL. It’s my favorite! Any unnamed cats you’ve found will be waiting for you in the cat hostel. Give them a name and start feeding them to level them up to maturity. Even if you don’t or can’t feed them, they will eventually mature on their own. But feeding them speeds up the process a great deal. It’s still really slow though. I paid a lot of diamonds to unlock about 10 slots to feed multiple cats – and they’re all full right now and waiting to grow up. I have one unnamed cat waiting for me back in the cat hostel. I think the tutorial said you can have 200 waiting for you. If for some reason you don’t like a cat, you can sell them to the NPC to get cat coins which can be used to purchase fertilizer, seeds, cat food, or cat bells.

The seeds and fertilizer are used in cat city to grow ingredients to make your own cat food. Seeds still grow even without fertilizer, but again, fertilizing the fields speeds up the process. You can then harvest and take your ingredients to the chef who will create cat food.

The bells are used to find a mate for your adult cats. Now here’s the really cool part!! You are breeding them with another real life player who is also breeding their cats. Different levels of cat bells can be used to find more rare cats. Cat bells, and food, and seeds can all be merged to level them up. The higher the better.

After mating, you and the other person both select one of the two offspring to raise. First come first serve, so be fast to get the cat you really want! The cat will automatically go to your hostel where it will wait for you to give it a name and start leveling it up.

The kittens through breeding inherit the parents markings and also statistics.

And the process continues.

After a cat has been mated one time, that is it. It is retired and goes to the cat hostel where you can still view them. Remember your hostel is limited to 200 cats – whether they’re retired adults or unnamed kittens – so eventually you’re sadly going to have to sell some of your cats.

I think it’d be fun and neat if we could adopt other players’ cats but that’s not a feature (yet) in Flipped In Love.

So that’s it for Cat City.

Back to some of the other features of the game. There are parties which help you earn items and increase your market value. Some of the parties are even cross server. Parties are one of the big features of the game. You can even chat with other players during the parties.

There’s also events to praise or gossip about different players or fight for advertising space. It seems also a new feature is coming soon called Group Battle. All of these things help improve your rank, lower opponents ranks, and bring in coins, diamonds, or rare items.

I think that covers the basics of gameplay.

Story: 7/10 – There are some typos and weird little awkward moments in the story due to the translation. But, the creators are aware and working hard to improve these mistakes. They’re actually offering rewards right now for helping to find such mistakes so that they may be fixed. The story is good, but not unique at all. When I played Flipped In Love the next game on my Iphone right next to Flipped In Love was Project Star… I played Flipped In Love for maybe 20 minutes the first time I launched the app. Then I closed it and opened Project Star…. and woahhhhh Deja Vu…….

In both games you drown in the water. In Flipped In Love you wake up in a stranger’s body. In Project Star, you are still you, but you have traveled into the past 5 years ago. Both games you’re an idol. Both games your boyfriend betrayed you ultimately leading to your death. Both games you want to become an idol to get revenge on your boyfriend.

Alright simple enough. There’s a lot of drama and sneaky people who pretend to be your friends but really jealous of your fame, beauty, and success. There’s a whole lot of backstabbing in this game. But it does make for a deliciously devious game of cat and mouse.

Characters: 5/10 – The characters are stereotypical of these types of games and don’t really shine or stand out in any way from other Otome games. There’s also one plus sized NPC who the others treat rudely, which as a plus sized woman myself, that kinda offends me. The artwork is good, but not as good as some other games.

The guys you can date are handsome, but very much cookie cutter. The tsundere that everyone seems to love – which I can’t stand because I’ve been in physically and mentally abusive relationships – this is not cute or romantic. I know Tsundere or TsunTsun is typical in anime and Korean dramas, but I don’t like those characters. Ugh. He is the most popular by far, as evidenced in the “cheer for him” event going on right now.

Then there’s the childhood best friend – he’s actually my favorite – but still so stereotypical. Every Otome game’s got one, and it’s usually the main cannon route. Plus side, he’s a hot doctor too haha. I like him. He’s sweet. Romance should be sweet. Not Tsundere and rude / borderline verbally abusive.

I think so many people are drawn to Tsundere because on occasion they do show a tender soft side. They do love the main character. And they get embarrassed easily and can’t open their hearts easily which makes them act cold. OK I get that there is some fantasy about “the one who got away” or “unrequited love” or something of that nature that girls feel drawn to these “challenging men” not just in this damn game, but in real life.

I’ve dated probably each and everyone one of these stereotypes in real life, from the childlike happy go lucky type to the “dark mysterious brooding” type – and I have seen that dark mysterious brooding – can well, as the description says – be too dark sometimes. But I’ve also dated someone that maybe just wasn’t great at expressing their feelings and emotions (which could fit the Tsundere also) – and as women we want to nurture and create a safe place for our partners. But at that time, I was also closed off and hurting and not the most open person.

The me now, would have been really good for that person back then to get them to feel comfortable and vulnerable, but the me now, is only the me now, because of the different life experiences the me now has, that the me then was lacking. I do think back like if I had done this or done that or said this or that, things maybe would have went differently. But I am completely happy and marrying my “best friend” in 3 short months now. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to the best friend type of guy in this game. Everyday, smiling and warm, and cute little inside jokes and sayings and things. Every day lots of cute texts and checking in on me. Reaching out to me, expressing their feelings, etc. I need that “reassurance” – but I never have to ask for it – it comes naturally every single day. I’m so thankful for that. It’d been a few years since I’d had that before meeting this person. I like the calm, gentle, constant compassion and love.

I’m done playing guessing games and chasing after people who are hot and cold – maybe that’s why I hate Tsundere and TsunTsun characters so much – hits too close to home maybe.

But to each their own. With 4 guys to choose from in the game, you can find the one you like best!

By the way, I didn’t rate it low because it had a Tsundere. I rated it low because every one of these Otome Games have the same stereotyped characters: Tsundere, childhood friend, sportsy active competitive type, and arrogant artist type. Like literally every Otome has these – including some of my favorites like Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side.

The story is mildly interesting, and creates drama and backstory for the characters which does help them to stand out a little bit, but just not enough. In the end, they all feel pretty flat still, especially when compared to other Otome Games. If you’re going to be “basic” you have to be “a better basic bitch” lol. You have to be the best at what you do. And uhm no, sorry. There’s not like award winning writing here for story or character development. That’s a hard fail. If I want to play a game specifically to enjoy these stereotypes for story and character alone, this won’t be top of my play list. But, I think the reason I keep playing is because of gameplay.

The characters are “good enough” but far from great. Especially when there’s legit like 3 games that have the exact same story and characters just different names and different artwork (and thankfully some different gameplay) That’s why it’s a solid 5 here for characters. Just kinda middle of the road.

Graphics: 10/10 – I can’t complain about graphics. Lots of dressup items – more than in Starry Love – and the cats are so cute and plump I want to hug them lol. There are some super cute dressup items too. Panda purses, cat purses, mickey like ears, etc.

Music: 5/10 – It can be repetitive – especially when mating the cats. I feel like its a 5 second “song” on loop, with a very obvious “stop” and then the music resumes after a split second. One and on for several minutes. And it’s a very… odd… song. With cats meowing. It could be cute but ventures into annoying quickly. The main theme when in the city is VERY pretty and relaxing – but also similarly short – but less abrasive. Less obvious when it’s beginning it’s reloop. It’s a soft beautiful piano theme. I really love the main theme. But most other music – I’ll pass on it. It’s all much too short. Anti-Fans theme is another example of a “song” that’s less than 10 seconds long.

Voice Acting: 7/10 – I think it’s good. I’m not used to hearing Chinese as much as I am used to listening to Japanese (anime) or Korean (Kdrama and Kpop), but I think it seems to fit the characters. I just wish there were more lines that were voiced really.

Replay Value: 10/10 – I’ll play with the cats every day – they’re so cute. I like that you can make totally unique random cats by breeding, which opens up way more possibilities than the basic cats or blind box cats themselves. Nice. My first baby was a male who had glasses and brown “bangs” or “fringe” and flowers on his head and like… christmas lights on his tail…. and tiny rainbows on his feet…. I named him Elton after Elton John – it seemed fitting LOL. I had already found one cat on tour who was blonde with cat-eye shaped sunglasses that I’d named Gaga – so they can sing “A Sine” I guess lol. XD.

But cats aside, there’s other great reasons to play this game, constant events, rare gacha for limited items, dressing up, progressing through the story, chatting with and playing with (or against) other players and so on. The gameplay in this dressup game definitely shines. I find myself playing it more than a lot of my other dressup games when I get a chance. Check it out, I think you will like it too. Just search for Flipped In Love in the IOS or Google game stores.

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A Guide to an Online Casino Utan Licens

Have you recently become interested in online gambling? This trend is gradually taking over the world, as people find it more convenient to play poker or blackjack without going anywhere. 

Nowadays, most gambling enthusiasts try to figure out the difference between online casinos with and without a Swedish license. Since the introduction of the gaming regulations in 2019 in Sweden, some players gamble in Swedish casinos, whereas others visit foreign gambling sites. While both variants are legal, there are differences in profit taxes, bonuses, VIP programs, game breaks, etc. 

The comprehensive guide below will help you understand the concept of online casinos without a license. 

What is a casino with no Swedish license?

Casinos without a Swedish license, as the name explains, refer to online gambling websites that haven’t obtained a gaming license in Sweden. Even though these providers aren’t licensed in this country, it doesn’t necessarily mean these are illegal. A gaming license can be issued in other countries like the UK, Curacao, Malta, etc. 

Online gambling has existed for many years before the introduction of the Swedish Gaming Act in 2019. Consequently, gaming licenses can be issued in many countries where this practice is legal. Nevertheless, the Swedish government decided to introduce this gaming license for the purpose of preventing Swedes from playing at foreign gambling sites. These websites pay neither license fees nor taxes in Sweden, which doesn’t benefit the government in any way. 

Although it’s completely legal for Swedes to play at casinos without a Swedish license, the Swedish gaming inspectorate does everything in its power to make the experience challenging for players. There is a multitude of casinon utan licens offering a high level of security and a vast game selection. While these casinos are incredibly attractive to players, the Swedish government tries to discourage players from playing at foreign sites by blocking their IP addresses, deposits, or freezing transactions. 

Is it safe?

As mentioned above, online gambling has been practiced long before the government in Sweden decided to make such sites legal. Hence, online casinos in Malta or the United Kingdom are considered completely safe as long as these are licensed by their respective gaming commissions. EU gaming licenses are known to be more reliable than those issued overseas, like in Curacao. 

Irrespective of the country you choose, the validity of the gaming license should always be checked. When visiting a gambling site, it’s vital for you to read the terms and conditions of the provider and look for the license number. The gaming authority logo issuing the permit should be stamped on the document. 

Another way to check the safety of these websites without a license is by checking the security of payments. You are expected to recognize the offered payment solutions, as reputable payment companies only collaborate with trusted sites. Also, you should check whether the site is encrypted, which is a sign of good security. 

The biggest mistake a player can make is playing on an unlicensed gaming site. Online casinos with no license at all should be avoided. These sites aren’t encrypted and offer no common payment methods. In most cases, players don’t receive their winnings from rogue casinos and have nowhere to complain about it. Click here to gain a better insight into encryption and the way it works. 

Do you have to pay tax?

As far as tax is concerned, the requirements of casinos without a Swedish license depend on the country where these are based. In order to avoid paying tax on your profits, you have to play at gambling sites registered in the EEA (European Economic Area), such as those licensed in Great Britain and Malta. The site shouldn’t be targeted at Swedish players, which can be easily checked by looking for certain signs. 

For instance, it’s crucial for the website not to have a Swedish version or offer payments in kronor. Also, the logo of the gaming inspectorate in Sweden shouldn’t be included anywhere on the site. In contrast, overseas gambling houses, like those licensed in Curacao, oblige players to pay thirty percent tax on their winnings over a 100 kronor. 

Moreover, tax can be avoided solely by playing games at a casino registered in the EEA and targeting no Swedish players. For example, when gambling at a Maltese online casino aimed at Swedes, you will be considered taxable. The same goes when gambling at sites licensed in Cyprus. Anyhow, players are tax-free when the casino has no focus on Sweden and has an EEA license. 

What is the difference between a casino with a Swedish and foreign license?

There are multiple factors that make a distinction between casinos with a Swedish permit and those with a foreign one. The main differences refer to the rules and limitations of these sites. When playing slot games on a Swedish gambling site, you must wait three seconds between the rounds, which isn’t the case on foreign sites. 

Perhaps the most important difference between Swedish and foreign online casinos is the gambling break available to players in the former. The opportunity to take such a break allows players to stay in control of their game. By deciding to take a break, you’ll be suspended from gambling for a while. See this article,, for some helpful tips on changing your gambling habits.

Additionally, the bonuses that players can win in Swedish online casinos aren’t higher than a hundred kronor. Conversely, foreign gambling houses usually have no limitations in view of the bonus amounts. It’s worth remembering that Maltese casinos might not approve bonuses to players from Sweden. Curacao gambling sites, however, are famous for their large bonuses. 

In terms of VIP programs, gaming regulations in Sweden have excluded VIP programs from online casinos. Also, these programs are unavailable in Maltese gambling houses. Only Curacao casinos still allow participation in VIP programs. 

Final thoughts

It doesn’t matter whether you choose a Swedish or foreign gambling site, provided it’s safe and licensed!

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Hello Kitty World 2 Game For Girls Review

Today I’m here to tell you about another cute game for girls because that’s what I do. Let’s talk about Hello Kitty World 2, a free mobile game for IOS and Android smartphones. Hello Kitty World 2 is a theme park management simulation game. In Japan, there actually is a Hello Kitty World theme park. So I assume this game aims to bring the rides, attractions, Sanrio mascots, cute food, and clothes and accessories from the real world theme park into this game.

You start the game by selecting from your “favorite” (of only 3 at first) Sanrio characters to be your guide. I chose Pompompurin. Don’t worry, more characters, and buildings, and features will unlock as you level up. Initially, there isn’t much to do, but quickly the gameplay begins to expand. Gameplay includes many features once you reach certain levels.

Here are some of the key gameplay features of Hello Kitty World 2:

  • Build your own theme park with rides, shops, decorations, etc
  • Make cute food to complete quests
  • Dressup your avatar
  • Dressup your partner sanrio characters
  • Play the gacha to win rare limited edition items
  • Fashion battles (I haven’t gotten far enough yet – you have to be level 30 and I’m only level 22)
  • Visit other players theme parks
  • Vote for your favorite sanrio characters for future in-game items
  • Expand your map and unlock new maps to keep building more things
  • Possibly additional features I have yet to unlock

Here’s how I would rate Hello Kitty World 2

Geeky: 2/5 – If you ever played the retro game, Themepark Tycoon or Roller Coaster tycoon or any of the newer indie park sim games, you’ll love this. However, the gameplay is more simplistic. You can’t actually lay the track of your own roller coaster, the guests don’t queue in line, you can’t make food extra salty, to sell more drinks, or adjust how much ice is in the drink, you can’t hire/fire park staff, or fix broken down rides and attractions. Gameplay is simple and it’s a casual game, but the spirit of Themepark Tycoon is still there.

Sweetie: 5/5 – This is so cute. The gacha items are cute. The rides are cute. The food is cute. The avatars are cute. The decorations and stores are cute. The mascots are cute. Who doesn’t love Sanrio? So cute!

Gameplay: 7/10 – Well I kinda covered this above in many places, but gameplay consists of building your own theme park, decorating the theme park, selling cute food, playing the gacha, and fashion battles. I can’t give it perfect marks because compared to other theme park management games, the gameplay is really lacking. As I mentioned, there’s no hiring/firing staff, no fixing broken rides, no laying your own roller coaster tracks, etc. But it’s still a fun game with a few surprise features. The dressup features make up a little bit for the lack of actual theme park management features.

Graphics: 10/10 – There are so many cute and diverse gacha items for your avatar and your park. Everything is Sanrio and super kawaii.

Story: 0/10 – Uhh there’s no story? LOL. They could have had some type of story at least, but they don’t.

Characters 10/10 – All of them are favorite Sanrio characters and fans can vote for new characters in the game, and you can even dress each of the Sanrio characters too, as well as your avatar.

Music: 5/10 – It’s cute and soft, and dream like music. It’s a nice background but not ground breaking.

Voice Acting: N/A

Replay Value: 10/10 – It takes a long time to unlock content – and it’s a slow paced game… so be prepared for a long haul.

Cute: 10/10 – to help pad the score some, I think it needs repeated just how cute this game is

Gacha: 10/10 – Get limited items for your park and your avatar

Dressup: 10/10 – new items each month. LOTS of hair and face options. Lots of skin tones – and you can dressup all of the Sanrio characters too!!

Sanrio: 10/10 – Do you love Sanrio? This is the game for you!

Overall: 89/110 81% B- “Very Good Game For Girls”

If you like Hello Kitty and Sanrio, be sure to check out Hello Kitty World II. This game is so cute it might give you cavities. Speaking of cavities, one of the big draws of the game is cute Hello Kitty shaped food and beverages. From what I understand, that’s also one of the big draws of the actual real life amusement park. Also I hear the real life park is quite small and only takes about a half day to see/ride everything. All of the rides are kid friendly and not very thrilling. Most people go to Hello Kitty World in Japan to buy exclusive Sanrio merchandise, take photos with various Sanrio mascots, eat and drink some cute Sanrio shaped food and beverages, and watch a stage show with all of the Sanrio characters.

I was supposed to go to Japan last year, had already bought airfare and hotel, but then BOOM Coronavirus came into the world, and my dream was crushed. It’s been my life long dream… And sadly, Japan is not doing well at containing and controlling this virus and dead last in the entire world in percentage of people vaccinated. The news said it’s only 1%. They’re thinking they won’t hold the Olympics this year, and people are still on lockdowns and shortened work weeks. So I don’t know when… or if…. I will ever get to go to Japan. Maybe not in this lifetime.

I’m turning 40…. in a few weeks…. I would like to go to Japan while I’m still young and healthy enough for lots of walking, and to not be like 80 and wandering around Hello Kitty World and Tokyo Disney / Disney Sea. I don’t have children yet, and I don’t know if god has that in his plans for me. I’m already what they consider geriatric pregnancy and at risk for all kinds of birth defects plus dangers to myself and potential babies. I am getting married in 3 months and it’s definitely something I think about.

I don’t have the most patience in the world. Crying kids in restaurants make me cringe. People in general annoy me LOL. The thought of actually physically giving birth sounds painful and horrifying. Changing diapers and messes in general, not very fun sounding for sure…

But on the other hand, having someone that loves me, shaping another human being to be the best human being it can be, watching them grow, and achieve their own dreams, that’s pretty cool. I have no brothers, no sisters, no cousins living within thousands of miles. I have a 60 something year old mother and an 80 something year old grandmother – they aren’t going to be around forever…. that makes me want to have kids and a big family. I don’t want to be alone – that’s not a good reason to have kids though probably.

I want to have kids to experience life through their eyes, to see how excited they are at christmas, or their first day of school, their first love, their college graduation. And someone to share life with, go on vacations with. To the beach, or the pool, or even just out to the mall for a mommy / daughter (or son) date. Ideally, my children would share at least one or more of my hobbies (but maybe not, I don’t share any of my mom or grandma’s hobbies haha).

Maybe some day I will have kids, and take them to Hello Kitty World in Japan, and we’ll buy a bunch of Sanrio merchandise and eat Sanrio shaped food and beverages. We’ll watch the Sanrio stage play, and if my kid is still young they will think all the mascots are real life Sanrio characters and not just people in costumes. We’ll take cute pictures and make fun memories.

Maybe we’ll play video games, or they’ll collect dolls with me, or help me set up and take photographs of my dolls. Maybe they’ll learn to sew or do faceups or make wigs and spoil me with their handmade gifts for my dolls at Mother’s day.

Maybe it’s because I’m turning 40 in a few weeks and mother’s day is tomorrow and I’m getting married in 3 months, but kids are definitely on my mind a lot.

Maybe my future hypothetical kids that will probably never exist, because on top of everything else, I have PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome, but maybe they will be more like their father, into sports and have not a single geeky bone in their body. LOL.

Or maybe they would be their own unique and wonderful person with their own unique hobbies, ideas, and interests. Or maybe I’ll adopt.

Or maybe I’ll be 80 when I go to Japan with no children and no grand children and no living family remaining. Hopefully my fiance will still be alive and we’ll take cute old people photos and everyone can look at us weird, but we won’t care, because we’re still in love, after 40 years of marriage.

Or maybe I’ll get to go to Japan next year. I’m fat, and it works in my favor. I have very large cheeks. No botox needed. I only have one wrinkle. It’s on my forehead and I wear bangs and so it never shows. I have eyebags, which are the literal bane of my existence, but asian countries think eyebags are cute anyways so not bad over there. I could probably pass for someone in their thirties, or even late twenties. I look young still. Being fat has it’s perks sometimes LOL. I have friends like 7 and 8 years younger than me that look much older than me. My fat cheeks give me a super youthful appearance. If I could just get rid of my eyebags. I tried Plexaderm and it works, but it’s really uncomfortable. It makes the skin extremely tight lol.

Regardless whenever – if ever – I go to Japan – I definitely want to go to the real life Sanrio Hello Kitty World amusement park and spend hundreds of dollars on exclusive Sanrio merchandise.

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The Mitchells VS The Machines Movie Review

The Mitchells VS The Machines is the #1 movie on Netflix today. I watched it on a whim this evening all by myself as I waited for my fiance to get off work. I went into the movie completely blind, knowing nothing about it at all. Within the first three minutes I was literally laughing out loud. I almost NEVER laugh when watching TV – I cry easy watching TV – and The Mitchells VS The Machines had me shed a few tears too before all was over.

It’s a movie with a lot of heart. The characters feel very real. Although flawed as the family might be, they have a very human like quality. It’s also very relateable due to the topics it includes. No, not robot apocalypses, but the themes of family, and growing up and fear of failure and taking risks and learning to let go, and let your children chart their own course.

The Mitchells vs. The Machines | Official Trailer | Netflix

A quirky, dysfunctional family’s road trip is upended when they find themselves in the middle of the robot apocalypse and suddenly become humanity’s unlikeli…


I am a Millennial, sometimes called Gen Y. I think I’m pretty tech savvy for someone who didn’t spend their whole life with wifi and internet and a smart phone. The generation before me is Xenial and before them was Gen X. The one after me is Gen Z. The current kids today are what they call Generation Alpha.

This movie deals a lot with how raising a family is different and faces different challenges in a world of constant connectivity. We forgo one on one quality time, hiding behind the screens of our phone or computer or gaming system. We record and upload everything, from selfies to family milestones, to silly videos, to anything in between. And we constantly desire to buy the latest greatest next big thing. Latest gaming console, latest Smart Phone, latest computer, etc. We are a society obsessed with internet culture.

And the internet itself can be both good or bad. I honestly feel if not for the internet I would be forever alone. I haven’t had many relationships, or dates, or people I’ve been interested in, or call it whatever you want to call it, but everyone that I’ve ever met has been on the internet.

And I’ve met and built a lot of platonic friendships online that in a lot of cases eventually transcended to offline via meetups and common interests.

The internet makes it so easy to meet people who share our common interests. For that reason, I relate a lot to the main character Katie, even if she may be Generation Alpha or what have you. I am “ahead of the game” when it comes to “finding my people” online, honey, I’ve been doing that since the 90s.

Of course there are dangers to technology – the obvious one, is people are not all good, and not always who they say they are – hence TV documentaries like Catfish and Web of Lies. I was really lucky that the people I met have all been who they said they were and not crazy catfish or psycho killers. The internet is a dangerous place. You can be anyone.

But when you are truly yourself, and the people on the other side of the screen are truly themselves as well, well then, it’s pretty amazing. You can make best friends, or even fall in love, with someone half way around the world, all from your phone or computer. Pretty amazing isn’t it? I’m actually marrying one of those people in 3 months. So I know the internet is not such a bad place.

Another thing the internet does is it causes us to become unhappy with our own lives. We look at a constant stream of seemingly perfect bodies, perfect faces, perfect hair, perfect houses, perfect children, perfect pets, perfect spouses or significant others, perfect vacations, perfect families…. but is that reality? No. The truth is, most people take 30-40 photos to get that one perfect shot. And they might have a good day that day, and tomorrow be fighting, crying, screaming, the house a mess, kids late for school, tired, exhausted, barely holding on.

Like I said, you can be anyone on the internet. And most people are going to project the best possible image of themselves in a world where everyone is watching and where followers = advertising dollars.

But still, Katie girl, I feel you – the internet can be a great place to “find your people”.

I also feel you that family can be annoying, frustrating, lonely, isolating, sometimes you feel your family doesn’t care or love you. They might not understand your hobbies or interests. They may not accept you. You might feel you have to hide who you are or try to impress them. But really, as we find out through the course of this movie, those fears are unfounded. Family is family forever. They may not always understand or support your choices, but they’ll always love you and sacrifice for you.

As The Mitchells VS The Machines points out, family isn’t perfect, but when it comes down to it, they’re going to be there for you no matter what. Chances are, for all the frustrations you feel, your other family members feel the same frustrations towards you. There’s so many miscommunications and misconceptions. We as individuals only see things from our own perspectives. And different generations have different experiences that influence their thoughts and actions.

These are just some of the serious topics this relatively silly cartoon tackles in The Mitchells VS The Machines. In addition to tackling things like building quality time vs screen time, and generational gaps, the film hits the mark in terms of pop culture icons. First most notably is PAL who is similar to Siri or Alexa or Cortana, a virtual assistant who can almost seem human at times. And then we have Furby make an appearance. That was one of my favorite scenes honestly. Growing up in the 90s I had a dozen Furbies. And throughout the movie there’s references to Youtube and other video streaming platforms and Instagram and other photo feeds.

Its these real life little touches that pull me in. Plus the humor is so spot on!!! There’s so many great one liners or little quirks. “dog, pig, bread?” “the prophecy is fulfilled” “Would you like to talk about dinosaurs?”

The animation is cute, but not of the highest quality. It mixes mostly 3D with a little touch of 2D almost like “stickers” over the 3D – emulating I guess like Snap Chat or Tik Tok – or about a dozen asian photo filter apps. I did have some issue with the animation, I think it lacked texture, and the lighting effects were too intense and flashing and just distracting overall. But at other times the animation was cute or funny. But just too busy maybe.

The music was a huge hit, for millenials and gen alpha or whatever alike. So memorable, many great pop hits. Perfect “road trip” soundtrack.

The characters themselves were so funny and likeable.

There’s the main girl who’s going to college, and really just wants to leave her small town and find people who share her interests. She feels especially out of touch with her dad, though strangely very close to her young brother.

The little brother in question is probably/possibly autistic and loves dinosaurs and science and can talk for hours about scientific dinosaur facts, but is extremely scared of socializing or talking and has no friends and literally freaks out and runs away if someone talks to him

There’s the mom who is a typical mama bear type character, but she’s also obsessed with portraying the perfect family online and disappointed that her neighbors family seems so perfect “keeping up with the jones’”

Then there’s dad. Good old dad. With his handy tools. And lame “dad jokes” he tries. he really does. but he just doesnt get this new technology and the things kids do these days. But he really loves his family and always tries his best for them. He would even die for them if he had to – and he comes close to doing just that.

And last but not least, there’s Munchie the pug. He’s the family dog, and he might just save the day.

This cast of quirky unique slightly flawed characters are truly endearing and we learn more about their motivations and inner workings as their road trip to take Katie to school progresses.

There’s a lot of action – what robot apocalypse movie would be complete without action scenes right?

But there’s equally a lot of comedy along the way.

And a lot of learning the true meaning of family.

All of these things combine to give us a movie that’s very deserving of #1 on Netflix this Cinco De Mayo 2021.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts. I laughed and cried and loved this movie way more than I expected to!

Thumbs Up!

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