Persona 4 Review


Title: Persona 4

Genre: RPG, Dating Sim, Raising Sim, Monster Collection, Dungeon Crawler

Publisher: Atlus

Platforms: PS2, Vita (Persona 4 Golden)

Languages: Japanese, English, Other

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Story: People have been disappearing lately, and there’s rumors at school about a mysterious channel that comes on at midnight every night. This midnight show can show you a better “you”, a you that is your soul’s true desire; but you might not like the “you” you find here. A group of youths with a strange ability to call upon powers known as “personas” find that they must fight to save their friends, and ultimately the world, by calling upon different reflections of their inner selves.

Concept & Gameplay: The Persona series focuses on building relationships with monsters found in randomly generated dungeons. There’s only one dungeon in the game and it’s map changes each time you enter. You are free to explore as often as you want and climb as high as you want (though there are locks at certain points where you have to progress the story further before you may continue). In addition to a dungeon crawler, it blends dating sim elements by allowing you to forge relationships with not just members of your party, but even the NPCs which you encounter. Increasing these relationships reveals story information and also makes your personas much stronger in battle. You can fuse and combine personas within the velvet room in order to create new personas. Once a persona has been registered, it can be summoned again without needing to capture it again first. Also at certain points you will make small choices in how you respond to characters or in which activities you take part in (such as joining clubs), this allows you to meet certain characters and see certain scenes, while forcing you to miss out on other characters and scenes, increasing the replay value, but ultimately, not impacting the story or ending of the game (aside from one very important choice near the very end of the game which results in either the good or bad ending). If your game continues after the train sequence in the epilogue you will know you are headed for the “good” ending or “true ending” as they call it. Which adds at least another 2 hours of gameplay to the game. The only slight flaw with the gameplay is it is possible to screw up so badly that you might have to start the game all over from the beginning, because of this, save often! You have until the “next full moon” to level up before being forced into boss encounters; if you forget and don’t have the level, gears, equipment, items, potions, personas, etc that you should have by then, you will probably be resetting your game out of desperation. I use 3 or 4 save slots, and alternate every 20 minutes or so between which slots I save in. This way I have a few options to try and salvage the mess I’ve gotten into. While I never had a problem where I felt I needed to reload an old save, it never hurts to be ready for a “what-if” scenario.  Also, unlike other games I’ve reviewed so far, this game has combat and action elements too, and the combat is very fun and intriguing using the monsters you have collected for various abilities and teaching your monsters new abilities. You can also split up and search the dungeons for treasures or stairs to the next floor. The AI seems fairly intelligent too.

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Characters: There are hundreds of characters in this game, you might not meet them all, and you definitely won’t be able to max your relationship with all of them in a single play through. The characters are diverse and have depth and as you progress your relationship with each of them you witness the strength of character development that went into this game and how human and realistic these characters are. They have flaws, they have worries, troubles, joys, memories, pain, pasts, families, etc. It’s very touching and really the highlight of the game for me.

Graphics: The graphics are a bit dated by today’s standards. The 3d especially looks pretty bad. Keep in mind, this is a ps2 rpg, not ps3 or ps4. I think for it’s time that the graphics were fairly decent and I loved the added touch of the animated cutscenes and expressive character portraits.

Music: The music is very good, I dunno of anyone who’s played it who hasn’t had the “Junes Theme” stuck in their head at one time or another lol. It’s simple but catchy music. My favorite music is within the velvet room :).


Voice Acting: I played the official/commercial English version of the game, therefore my review and scores of voice acting are for the English version and the English actors. I thought it was actually really well done and I am not a fan of most dubs. The only voice I did NOT like was the loli villain girl (name is escaping me); she sounded like an old lady instead of a kawaii gothic lolita. I like that the script was left fairly untouched with a lot of mature decisions, such as allowing characters to use foul language; this makes their emotions seem stronger and more “real” to me. If you’re in a situation of high stress, it sounds more natural to curse rather than to use children safe alternatives. (just my opinion) Most of the cast did really really well for Americans. They showed a really wide range of emotion and versatility, and even many of the NPCs are voiced, it was probably a huge undertaking to record that much dialogue.

Final Scores:

Story: 8/10

Concept: 8/10

Gameplay: 10/10

Characters: 8/10

Graphics: 7/10

Music 9/10

Voice Acting: 9/10

Overall: 84% B “Very Good Game For Girls”

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Devil Maker Tokyo Review

Note: Sadly, this game is no longer available. It was one of my first, and favorite, Ipad Collectible card games. This review will remain up in honor of what a fun game this was.

If you’re looking for similar games, you can try: Million Arthur:

Lussid Magic School (AKA Sid Story)

Lastly, you can check out soccer spirits which combines collectible card games with soccer team management here or Love Live School Idol Festival which combines collecting cards with a rhythm game mechanics which you can pick up right here!-school-idol-festival/id834030294?mt=8

Title: Devil Maker Tokyo

Genre: Collectable Card Game / RPG

Publisher: Palmple

Platform: Ipad / Android

Language: English

Geeky Factor: geekygeekygeeky

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Grab it on IOS:

Grab it on Android:

Cost: Free (with additional in-app purchases available.) There’s nothing that you “have” to pay for. There are no cards that you can’t obtain on your own while playing the game, but some people are impatient I guess, so for them, the option to buy additional “summons” to summon new devils exists.

Overall Score: 77% C+ “Good Game For Girls”

Gameplay: There are multiple areas when it comes to the gameplay. First there is the story mode, where chapters unlock as you level up in the main game, the story is fairly solid (see story for more details there), then there’s the arena, where you can engage in pvp battles with other players.

Battles in this game are all done automatically, you don’t have any control over what happens. In the arena, you pay your fee with silver for entry, and then wait 15 minutes to see the results. Not very exciting lol. But you can win rare cards here. Every month (roughly) they will have a new “arena season” with a new devil to obtain that’s only available for a limited amount of time. You typically have to participate in the arena 150-200 times to obtain this reward. There are other smaller rewards like health potions and summoning tickets and experience cards as well.

Then there’s the “main” game. Here you are free to explore various maps in the game world, each offering various rewards and level requirements to enter. You explore these worlds by clicking on one of three cards that appear at the bottom of your screen. I like to think of it as coming to a fork in the road, you can keep going straight (middle), or turn left or right. Each map has a finite amount of steps, and when you reach 100%, you engage in a boss battle. Boss fights allow you to take up to 2 of your friends’ “leader cards” into battle with you. This is a big help for new or low level players, as some of the boss fights can be very tough. Also, just because you CAN go into a zone (are high enough level to enter), doesn’t mean you SHOULD go in there. I’m level 37 and consistently get my butt whooped by NON-boss battles in the areas with a level requirement of level 35 or even level 32. (My cards are around level 32 on average, rank 6 through 4).

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I guess I’ll talk about that next, cards have various ranks represented by stars across the top of the card, the more stars a card has, the more powerful it is and the more likely you are to want to place it in your party. You have 6 slots you can fill in your party, and you also have a battle cost on each card, and a battle “limit” meter that increases with each level up. Sometimes you might not be able to fit all of your best cards because of this limit. So have to put some thought into the members of your party.

Secondly, cards have a level, and they do NOT gain experience in battle – only you gain experience in battle. Confused yet? lol. The cards level up by sacrificing other cards at the shrine screen. You can sacrifice up to 30 cards at once. The higher the rank, level, and rarity of the cards you sacrifice, the more experience you will gain. Also, the higher the rank, level, and rarity of the card you are trying to level, the more experience it will take to level that card up. You can find “sealed devil cards” in the “theme park” and “fallen darkness” zones. The only use I’ve found for these is to level up your cards.

You can also find “material” cards like otherworldly and celestially armor, etc. You have 2 options for these cards, you can sacrifice them to get a tremendous boost in experience, or use them to transform certain cards at the shrine. When you transform a card, it will go up by one rarity level. The art work will change slightly, and it’s skills and abilities may also improve.

The other thing you can do in this game is fight against the “core”. Cores are discovered by you or your friends as they explore in the main game. If you discover the core, you get a free card, totally random, can be crap, or be really valuable. A core will stay active for 30 minutes OR until it is killed, whichever comes first. You may fight each core once every two minutes. Your friends will also receive a notice that a new core of darkness has been discovered and will hopefully help you defeat it. Each time you fight the core you get a decent amount of experience and a small amount of silver (currency used for things like sacrificing cards at the shrine or entering the arena). If you deal the final blow to the core, you get about ten times the experience awards as a regular “defeat” against the core. If no one defeats the core, it disappears after the time is up. If you OR one of your friends defeats the core, everyone who fought at least ONE battle will receive a card, once again totally random, there are also 2 very powerful cards that can ONLY be found by fighting the core. I’m not sure if they change or not. since I’ve been playing it’s been Amon (rank 5) and Samuel (rank 6). They drop pretty frequently, with Amon dropping about twice as frequently as Samuel.

Lastly, back at the shrine you can also “recontract” a devil. Devils also have a letter grade S through D. It goes (from best rank to worst) S, A, B, C, D. Altering a devil’s rank will alter it’s AP (I assume these are attack points), HP (self explanatory), and DP (maybe defense points? or darkness points? not sure). It may also gain new skills and abilities. It’s “battle cost” however will remain the same. You will need a “recontacting ticket”. You can find them playing the main game, or purchase for real money from the cash shop. So that’s a basic overview on the game play.

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While exploring the zones you will find one of 4-5 different “encounters” at each “step” (each time you select a card at the bottom.) They are pink hearts (heal 20-30% of every party member’s HP), Shortcuts (advance further into the dungeon by skipping some steps), Devil (a battle, where you get a random card if you win), Powerful devil (a harder battle where you get a better card if you win, but still random), Boss (sometimes you find bosses before the final boss) you can take 2 friends’ leader cards, and have a small chance to get the boss card that you fight, they almost never drop though, they are super rare and annoying lol. You also can find cores (explained above), sealed devil and equipment cards (explained above), silver, and “empty spaces” where you might encounter new friends to add to your buddy list. Some maps also have celestial, underworld, or other worldly energy cards which deal OR heal damage based on your corresponding devil types (there’s weaknesses and strengths, but I’ve not figured them all out yet.).

There’s also a weekly “challenge” where you try to approach the core of darkness – basically it’s an endless dungeon with infinite steps, you can keep fighting until you have no party members remaining, you get various rewards for how far you make it. You encounter all the other things you encounter in a normal dungeon too. You can enter once a week for free, and then each time you enter, rather you resume (by paying 50,000 silver), or start over (from the beginning), will cost you light points.

Light points refill every few minutes and each dungeon costs a set number of light points to enter. There are light potions you can buy or find to refill your meter, and also when you level up, this meter, and all of your devils’ hp are restored, and dead devils are revived. If a devil dies while exploring you can use a revive potion to restore them to full health.

The gameplay is fun, but it loses some points from me for not having any control in battles, I can’t use items (like health potions) in battle, I can’t select which skills my devils use, or which devils they attack. All I can do is sit and watch or “skip” the battle to speed it up. I’d also like to see a way to trade cards with other players. Therefore, removing 3 points (2 for no control in battle, and 1 point for no trade feature). Final score 7/10

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Story: The story in story mode is very good. Without revealing too much here is a brief hopefully non-spoilerly synopsis :). You are a contractor, one who can make deals with devils. The devils lend you their power in exchange for “favors” that only a human contractor can perform. When a devil and contractor merge their powers the devils’ full potential is released.

Also a devil can enter areas of light if it is bound to a contractor. Conversely, a devil who puts darkness into a human, or a contractor of “darkness”, can enter darkness that most normal humans would not be able to.

There was a fight many years ago against a very strong devil named Oracha. After this fight, a great area of darkness, known as S1 was created. The government controls S1, the people who lived there before the fight, remain, but most people are prohibited from traveling in or out of the area. S1 is infested with demons and highly dangerous. The people living there live in darkness, despair, strife, etc. Sometimes contractors of light help these people, bringing them food and medicine from outside.

You can’t remember much about your past, but a devil named Yuki tells you that you used to have a contract with her master and that she needs your help to find her master again. You think that she might know more about your past than what she lets on, so you agree to help her in exchange to hopefully regain your lost memories. As the story progresses you begin to realize that you were directly involved in the events which created S1, but no one will tell you exactly how you were related to what happened there.

Oracha is about to re-awaken and is organizing an all out war, demons, against humans, and the newly found “contractors of darkness” mean that now there are humans fighting on the side of the ultimate evil, making him even stronger than the last time you battled him. You must find a way to prevent Oracha and his army from advancing their plans any further. Still, since the story takes a backseat to the main game and other features, and because it doesn’t feel terribly original, giving it a medium score of 6/10

Concept: The concept of summoning devils and making contracts is almost like playing Persona on my ipad. While the game play is VASTLY different, the concept is almost identical. Not very original, but then again I like Persona’s theme/concept. I also like that every card can be obtained for free with hard work, and the cash shop items are 100% optional. I also like that my max card size is very large AND it increases as I play the game. I play a similar game called Valkyrie Crusade and it’s cash shop is almost essential to increase your max card size which never increases, so that’s a big plus in Devil Maker’s favor. I think I have to also remove a point though for not having a landscape format, having to hold my ipad all the time instead of using it’s stand is super annoying. No reason why they should not have landscape view!! Overall concept loses 2 points, one for originality, and one for lack of landscape, BUT it gains 1 point for it’s non-essential cash shop, and nice max-card hand size. Making concept 9/10

Artwork: The artwork reminds me tremendously of Persona. the character designs and environment are very similar, and very nicely drawn. There are some cards which were designed (I assume) by players which palmple has allowed them to autograph the artwork on the cards, which ruins it in my opinion. After many months of play, I gained a red riding hood card which is highly rare. In the middle of the artwork, not even in an inconspicuous place, in huge letters it says artwork by blahblah blah, whatever her name is, a western sounding name, oddly, so that’s why i think maybe it was drawn by a player. None of my other cards have this garish writing on them. I really dislike that about this card, and I worked super hard to get it. orz… But other than that one small point, I think the artwork is beautiful. Some of the artwork does get recycled – a common card and uncommon card are identical except for a hue/color shift, and a rare vs uncommon has a colorshift and sometimes a lineart edit. So I have to ding the artwork 2 points total, making it 8/10.

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Music: I love the music in this game, it’s very catchy. Completely original, and fits the mood of the game. It is perhaps the best music score I’ve heard in a mobile game. 10/10

Voiceacting: Not voiced, no score given.

Characters: The characters in story mode are interesting enough, but take up such a small portion of the game that I can’t really rank them too highly, story is secondary in this game afterall. Character development therefore gets a medium score of 6/10.

Final Scores:

Gameplay: 7/10

Story: 6/10

Concept: 9/10

Artwork: 8/10

Music: 10/10

Characters: 6/10

Overall: 77% C+ “Good Game For Girls”

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About the Author:Name: Jeni

Age: 34

Location: PA, USA

Status: In a relationship with a wonderful and amazing person.

Favorite Games: It becomes so hard to choose when you’ve been

gaming as long as I have. I tend to have fond memories of games from the 90s when I was growing up. Some of my favorite games include

1.) Lunar (Eternal Blue, Silver Star, etc),

2.) Persona (with 3 and 4 being my favorites so far in the series),

3.) Planescape Torment,

4.) Phantasy Star (3 was my favorite, but they’re all awesome),

5.) Suikoden (2 of course is the best :D),

6.) Chrono (trigger, cross, etc),

7.) Final Fantasy (6, is and will always be, the best in this series. Actually I’m not that keen on the final fantasy series as a whole aside from 6. They are decent, but none of the others would even make my top ten list.)

8.) Growlanser Generations

9.) Dragon Age

10.) Sims (2, 3, and hopefully 4. Though, I spend more time modding the sims and creating sims/houses/pets/etc than I do actually playing it lol.)

I could go on and on – seriously. Here are a few honorable mentions off the top of my head in no particular order. Willy Beamish, Vay, Popful Mail, Lufia, Shining Force, Clannad, Kannon, Dandelion, Dark Alchemist, Atleir Iris, Breath of Fire, Secret of Mana / evermore / mana2 / legend of mana, Tales of ___ (destiny, phantasia, symphony,  etc), radiant historia, tactics ogre, ogre battle, thousand arms, legend of dragoon, lost Odyssey, ever17, tsukihime, vanguard bandits, vandal hearts, landstalker / timestalker / climaxlanders, zleda, Banner Saga, Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side.

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By no means an exhaustive list. I own (almost) every console since the original nintendo. Though largely lately have been playing more PC games or revisiting my older games. They do not make too many oldschool rpgs these days for the new consoles.

Favorite anime: Once again, when you’ve seen as many anime as I have…. lol… I could go on for ages. But I will sum it up with a top ten and the following remark. Largely, I watch almost exclusively shoujo anime. It has not always been like this, but within the last few years, we’ve seen a rise in shoujo anime becoming more available and my tastes have become more niche. It’s a cultural phenomenon just like what happened when cable/satellite tv first came out. We have hundreds of channels, each with a very narrow audience (not many anime channels of course, this isn’t directly related, merely an illustration.), people’s viewing habits changed. they used to watch whatever was on tv. Similarly, when I got into anime back in the 90s, we had very little available. There was no internet at all, and even in the early 2000s, dialup was all that was available for many people, including myself. This meant we didn’t have access to fansubs and had to rely on big companies to license the anime over here. Shoujo anime was almost never licensed since it was even more male dominated back in the 90s than it is now. — Now shoujo is so readily available that there’s more out there than I could even watch in my lifetime. So that’s why I choose to watch shoujo. It’s what I like and there is enough of it around now :) My favorites include….

1. Peach Girl

2. My Little Monster

3. Lovely Complex

4.) Aishiteruze Baby

5.) SkipBeat

6.) Full Moon Wo Sagashite

7.) Chobits

8.) Sailor Moon

9.) Pretear

10.) Air

Other Geeky Interests: I love asian balljointed dolls (as well as obitsu, pure neemo, hujoo, pulip, etc). I own the following sculpts: Dollmore Model F Melissa Baul, Crobidoll Limited Sinbi, Fairyland Minifee MNF Celine Moe Line, Fairyland Moe Line F60 Celine, Ipplehouse Claude, Migidoll Kay 2 (hybrid on Bobobie body for now), Dollzone Demi, Hujoo Dana, Obitsu Gretel, AOD Lele, AOD Mimi.

These dolls are artist dolls. they are fully articulated and self standing, able to pose in all kinds of ways. They come nude, and often unpainted, they are bald and have no eyes. you buy or make hair/eyes/clothes/paint their faces/etc to make them your own. No two are ever alike. It is an amazing and rewarding hobby. I love to photograph my dolls and take them out in public, especially out in nature.

Other Geeky Hobbies:

Boardgames – from designer games to family style games, love em all

CCG (collectible card games)

Technology / Gadgets / etc. I’m a lover of technology, gotta have the latest cellphone, latest laptop, latest tablets, and all the accessories and things that go with it.

I’m also mildly into comics, be they traditional marvel, darkhorse, etc, or of course manga.

I love, love, love korean dramas. Obviously since I love shoujo anime, and the two are so similar that korean dramas are basically like a live action shoujo anime lol.

I love japanese culture/fashion/cosplay/etc. I would totally cosplay more if I knew how to sew, and also if I had a better figure for it lol.

I love animals! Especially cats, and it’s not anything to do with my penchant for asian culture (which also stereotypically loves cats). Cats are amazing, especially maine coons! I have one named Milo. He is the biggest cuddle bug ever. :) The love of my life. I have another cat named Sadie, she’s a heinz57 lol (in otherwords, no idea.) she was older/abused when I got her, so she is more standoffish, but enjoys laying on a pillow next to me as I game or blog :) Milo on the other hand, will lay across my chest/arms/shoulders lol. Dogs are ok too, but a lot of work. I’m much more of a cat person lol. :) I also have owned and / or love rabbits, guineapigs, hamsters, ferrets, and chinchillas.

Let’s see what else…. Well my job profession in itself is pretty geeky :) I am a graphic artist / web developer.

I’m really just a big kid, and I’m never ever ever going to grow up :). I love doing things that kids love, like going to amusement parks, water parks, looking at toys, playing with games, collecting things, etc. I’m forever and always young at heart and have a happy, positive and upbeat outlook on life.

I’ve been through some really bad things in life, from being teased and tormented as a youngster, to being in really abusive relationships, to divorce, and losing myself somewhere along the way. The divorce was the best thing to ever happen to me, it made me strong, I love myself now, and demand the same of anyone else who I choose to allow into my life.

I tend to overshare, write really long posts like this, and put my heart on my sleeve. I have a lot of thoughts in my head and like to use the internet to get them out.

I hope to make friends and share my love of geek culture with a side dish of cuteness sprinkled in for good measure. This blog contains things which I love, which I think everyone should love, because they are awesome, just like me 😛 (j/k). Reviews and opinions expressed are my own.

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