It’s time for another giveaway! It’s been awhile since the last one so lets hold another one!

So this is what’s included:
♥ A faceup (Worth $70) by yours truely.
♥ Free removal of old faceup if needed ($20 value)
♥ Free lashes application, lashes either supplied by me or you (upto $9 value)
♥ One free manicure ($25 value)
♥ $10 off return shipping (which covers basic airmail to canada/us) is included!
So all together that’s worth over $120 USD!

Now the Rules:
* The giveaway will run from Feb 21st 2015 to March 8th 2015 at 9pm CST
* You must be following Micaeverywhere on tumblr for your entries to count. 
* Both likes and reblogs count as entries.
* No giveaway blogs please.
* Please don’t enter if you don’t have a doll to paint, that kinda defeats the purpose.
* You have to pay shipping to here and anything over the $10 discount for return shipping. I accept payment via Paypal only
* Please know that complete re-dos are not included in the prize.
* This is for BJDs and Dollfie Dreams only.
* If the winner does not respond within 48hrs, a new winner will be chosen.
* I’ll be choosing the winner via http://www.random.org/.
* If you need to contact me further, my email is Leen.Johnston(at)Gmail(dot)com

Get an additional entry by re-graming my giveaway post on my instagram!


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