Best Waterpark in The USA – Kalahari Resorts, Sandusky, Ohio

My favorite vacation memories always involve Kalahari Resorts and Spa in Sandusky Ohio. Not only is it close to home, but it offers something for everyone, of every age. From waterslides for the kids, to several bars and upscale gourmet dining experiences for the adults, including a swimup, adults only hottub/bar in the main floor. The price is great too, it’s only $199 a night for a family of four, and you get to use the waterpark both on the night of your stay, and the day after checkout.

Kalahari resort vacation

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Kalahari resort vacation A photo posted by jenilee (@xenokitten) on Dec 7, 2014 at 7:26pm PST


I’ve been going here for years, and it never fails to amaze me. They have the coolest decor, from to-scale sized lions and rhino sculptures, to real artifacts brought back from Africa. In addition to being America’s largest indoor waterpark, they also feature a huge arcade with the latest games, and a petting zoo with rare endangered animals from Africa as well.

The rooms are always clean and cozy and the staff and service we receive are great.

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We go at least twice a year. It’s the best place to make memories, I take my whole family, even grandma. My favorite part is the indoor/hotdoor hottub :) It’s close to home for us, and a good treat to escape the cold winter months which seem to last way too long here. So many laughter, happy times, going with groups of my girlfriends, taking my significant other. Irreplaceable and precious memories. It’s everything that a vacation should be. Relaxing, inviting, and occasionally exciting too!

Kalahari resort vacation

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I grew up being a Kalahari kid and someday I’ll be taking my own future children there as well. My all time favorite memory is when my grandma, myself, my mother, and my best friend went there. I was living far away and rarely got to see my family during this time, It was the dead of winter, cold, miserable, and to make matters worse, my grandfather had just passed away 2 months before. This was our first time seeing eachother since his passing, and it was a really important trip to allow us to remanense about him. I used to go visit my grandparents every summer. We would go to the ocean, or take trips into the city. My grandfather loved fishing and loved the water too. I think he also would have really enjoyed Kalahari.

It brightened everyone’s moods and allowed us to escape the harsh realities of life for a few days and just relax. My best friend and I rode every single waterslide, at least 2 or 3 times. We spent hours upon hours in the arcade, and my mom and grandma loved laying by the pool or floating down the lazy river. We all really loved the delicious gourmet meals that blend various fusions of ethnic cuisine. Most of all, we really loved the price. Where else can a family of four escape to for under 200 a night and have THIS much fun?

In the summertime, it’s just a few minutes away from Cedar Point, another favorite vacation destination.

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