Recast ABJD – A Year Later – Would I Still Recommend Purchasing Recast?

I shared my decision to purchase my first recast BJD, about 14 months ago now. I wrote a very in depth, as neutral as I could manage, post about the pros and cons of buying Recast ABJD which you can read here.

A year has passed now since my first recast dolls arrived, and I have bought many other Recast BJD since then.


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My new #recastbjd #recastminifee #minifeesarang #minifee #sarang #recastfriendly #abjd #bjd #doll from #chinabjd.

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I make all of my recast purchases from Chinabjd on Aliexpress and would recommend them to anyone looking to own a recast ABJD.

I have over 20 legit dolls, and a handful (but rapidly increasing amount) of recasts, mostly fairyland minifees (although I own some legit minifees too).

When I first wrote my lengthy informative piece about Pros and Cons of Recast ABJD, it was mostly just research and not much first hand experience. So I thought I’d follow it up with a new post, a year later, to see how my own personal experiences went in regards to owning a recast.

All photos sprinkled in here are of my recast dolls except at the end I share another alternative that is not recast, but can help you save money, and I actually prefer that over recast, but you’ll have to stay til the end to see that :).


1.) Was I Bullied About My Decision To Purchase Recast?

The answer surprisingly is no… I was pretty open about my decision, on social media, on my blog here, tagging my photos appropriately and even putting it right in my instagram profile description. Maybe a more accurate answer may be “I don’t know” They may be talking trash about me or my dolls in certain places, I just avoid those places. I only had one negative social media comment, and it wasn’t anywhere close to bullying, just a differing opinion. Even if someone replied here directly to bully me and/or point out others who were writing things, I would just choose to ignore (and or politely reply if it was a direct comment on my articles here). I have gotten a lot of nice comments, likes, even shares, of my dolls, recast, legit, makes no difference it seems. I’m still friends with many of the same offline people I met in the doll hobby.


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My #recastbjd #recastminifee #minifeeMio arrived today. Purchased from Chinabjd. Custom faceup per my makeup request photos. This is Option D. I’m showing it next to Chinabjd normal skin Rena with custom faceup. It’s a very light Tan all of these photos are without flash. Very true to real. No filters or editing. I bought some different eyes but she looks so good brown eyed and the eye pattern seems different than previous Chinabjd dolls I’ve purchased these eyes are pretty nice. The option D color with brown eyes and brown wig give her a nice Latina look. Very cute and natural. I’m waiting on some clothes I have ordered. She’s borrowing a much too big body suit from one of my SD girls just for photos. Rena was my favorite doll ever since she arrived about a year ago but I think Mio is my new favorite! Very happy with this purchase and all my other Chinabjd purchases. #bjd #dolls #dollfairyland #dollphotography #bjdphotography #kawaii #cute #toys

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2.) Am I happy with my recast purchase(s)?

Absolutely, to me, there’s little to no difference in quality looking at various different aspects including but not limited to, resin quality, stability, pose-ability, faceup (I even prefer that I can get an affordable custom faceup instead of paying same price for the company default faceups). For the price, the value of the product is almost identical. Ethics aside.


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My #recastbjd #recastminifee #minifeeMio arrived today. Purchased from Chinabjd. Custom faceup per my makeup request photos. This is Option D. I’m showing it next to Chinabjd normal skin Rena with custom faceup. It’s a very light Tan all of these photos are without flash. Very true to real. No filters or editing. I bought some different eyes but she looks so good brown eyed and the eye pattern seems different than previous Chinabjd dolls I’ve purchased these eyes are pretty nice. The option D color with brown eyes and brown wig give her a nice Latina look. Very cute and natural. I’m waiting on some clothes I have ordered. She’s borrowing a much too big body suit from one of my SD girls just for photos. Rena was my favorite doll ever since she arrived about a year ago but I think Mio is my new favorite! Very happy with this purchase and all my other Chinabjd purchases. #bjd #dolls #dollfairyland #dollphotography #bjdphotography #kawaii #cute #toys

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3.) Do I feel guilty about my purchase(s)?

No, it might be selfish of me, but I honestly don’t. Your mileage may vary, maybe you’re a more ethical person than me, and that’s fine. I’m just being very candid and honest here in this post. To me it’s no different than buying a knockoff purse, watch, luggage, or any other cheap imitation item.


4.) Will I Still Buy Legit Dolls?

Yes, there are several legit dolls I want to purchase that have not been recast yet, and I anticipate that to continue to be the case as new dolls are released all the time.


5.) Do I Prefer Legit Or Recast More?

In the past 2 years I’ve only bought recast (aside from some legit heads), and if the doll I really want is available recast, I would buy recast 9 times out of 10. It comes down to again, the quality in all aspects being nearly identical to the original, and not caring about the ethical issues of owning a recast. This is a personal decision and not everyone will agree, but for me, that’s how I feel, why pay $800 for something I can get a very close imitation of for about a tenth of that cost. – I know there are plenty of reasons to purchase legit, including not limited to supporting the companies and artists so they can continue to design new dolls, and to save for the doll you really want if it has not been recast. Being able to share the doll in certain pro-artist communities, taking it with you to conventions, meetups, etc. But there are an ever growing number of recast friendly doll communities online, and off too.


6.) Will you continue to purchase more recast dolls?

Probably yes, but not for awhile. There are some other dolls (and other non doll purchases) that i want to focus on first. As far as dolls go – my latest favorite trick to save money is to buy Dream Fairy Doll bodies which are a PERFECT fit for Dollfie Dream heads. You can get a Dream Fairy Doll complete fullset doll for $50, and an unpainted Dollfie Dream head for $40 – making it a Dollfie Dream / Dream Fairy hybrid doll for under $100. I like buying custom Dollfie Dream heads on Buyee, a yahoo Japan Auction Bidding service. I only successfully won one auction so far, but am happy with my purchase. Here are some pictures of my girl. I also have some pictures of the body with an (ugly) self-painted blank head I tried to paint myself in this blog post.


She is easily my favorite doll, and cost about the same as a recast. – From my research and what others have told me, she is not a recast, because she is made out of ABS, not resin, and is basically just a cheap “Obitsu” like doll.

My next several doll purchases will likely be hybrid Dream Fairy (body) and Dollfie Dream (head) dolls. I highly recommend this combo, as a way to support artists AND save money on dolls, it’s a WIN-WIN.

Here are the pictures of my Dollfie Dream Hybrid Girl. She is a DDH-02 on Dream Fairy Body. More pictures of her, and my other dolls, can be found on my instagram @Xenokitten



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Fantasy Football Tips To Give You The Edge


Author: Ashley Munson

The 100th season in NFL history is now just around the corner and, whether you play against your friends for pride or you’re so confident you decide to put your money where your mouth is, the time has come to align your fantasy football stars. Whatever your reasons here are our top five picks who you should be looking to nab in the draft.


Kamara left the college set up in Tennessee with respectable if not incredible numbers and was only picked up in round three of the draft in 2017 by the New Orleans Saints but his performances as a rookie caught the eye and he’s established himself as a top quality running back and has made back to back Pro-Bowls. Over his two years in the NFL Kamara has averaged 9.5 receiving yards with 5.1 rushing. Throw into the mix his 31 touchdowns to date and you can see why he’s in our list.


With two NFL MVP awards to his name and seven Pro-Bowl appearances the experienced Rodgers doesn’t really need an introduction. Rodgers, who is now 35, has thrown near on 43,000 yards in his career with over 300 touchdowns to his name. The Green Bay Packers didn’t have a great season last time with the relationship between Rodgers and then coach Mike McCarthy coming under particular scrutiny. Rodgers still posted close to 4,500 yards, although only recording 25 touchdowns, but he received a fair bit of flak – mostly due to expectations of his own making. Rest assured though, with a new man at the wheel in Matt LaFleur, Rodgers will be out in true sparkling form to prove he still has it in 2019.


Like fellow running back Kamara, Elliott has been involved in back to back Pro-Bowls but, on overall balance, his numbers just shade those of Kamara. In 2016, his rookie year, and last season he led the league on rushing yards posting over 1,600 and 1,400 respectively. Last time out also saw Elliott post a career high for reception yards at 567 and he has a reasonable touchdown record as well with a total of 34 to his name. Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett has recently given a hopeful update on Elliott’s contract situation and it’s fair to say he’ll be a pretty vital cog in the Cowboys machine.


Since bursting onto the scene as the number one overall pick Luck has proven to be a consistent performer for the Indianapolis Colts. Each year he posts stats that will measure up with the strongest in the league. Luck missed the whole of the 2017 campaign through injury, but he was back to somewhere near his best during 2018 recording 4,500 throwing yards and 39 touchdowns. The fact he’s also a threat on his feet gives him an edge too. You’d be ‘Luck-y’ to have him.


Mahomes came through the ranks at Texas Tech before joining the Kansas City Chiefs as the number 10 pick in the 2017 draft. Last year he cemented his place in the history books scooping the MVP award after throwing over 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns, which put his name alongside Peyton Manning as only the second QB to post such numbers. Mahomes has the potential to go down as one of the greatest players of all time and to become again the NFL MVP 2019, so we are sure he will dominate again in the coming season. He is an absolute must.

There you have it, five picks that could give you the edge in your quest for fantasy football fame. If you can work one or two into your side then you’ll be the envy of your enemies and who knows, if you play for cash, you might be in for a nice little prize too!

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Top Ways To Burn Calories With Summer Sports

Top Ways to Burn Calories with Summer Sports

To lose weight, you need to burn fat and excess calories. However, busy schedules and unhealthy lifestyles during winter may result in numerous weight-related conditions such as obesity. During summer, the weather is warm, and so this is the perfect time to get active and shed some weight. Summer sports are mostly outdoor activities which are more productive and require a lot of energy. Apart from being active, these sports are suitable for both adults and children and are more fun and enjoyable.  

Performing different summer sports won’t be enough alone to help you lose calories and maintain your weight throughout the summer period.Here are some pro tips that can be incorporated with summer sporting activities;

Have a Good Sleep

Proper rest helps your mind relax, which prevents anxiety, stress, and depression, which are known to contribute to weight gain. Also, healthy sleep improves your mood, leaving you feeling happy throughout the day.

Drink plenty of Water and Eat Healthy Foods

With the hot sun, frequent hydration is essential. Apart from keeping yourself hydrated, drinking water before meals also helps you eat less, and so avoid the risk of putting on more weight. You can also look at supplements from that will help complement your diet while improving your workout performance.

During the summer, avoiding soft drinks and junk food can be quite tricky. However, consuming them may add extra calories to your normal diet, leading to an increase in weight.

Here are some summer sports to help you shed some weight;


There is no better time to grab your bike than during the summer. Whether for fun or training for a competition, cycling at a moderate speed can burn up to 650 calories per hour. Also, biking will improve your joint mobility, boost your cardiovascular fitness, and improve your muscle strength and flexibility. 

Water Sports

Swimming during summer not only cools your body, but also exercises muscles like the triceps, biceps, and shoulders. Apart from it being a fun activity, swimming quickly will burn up to 500 calories an hour.

Surfing exercises your arms, shoulders, back, and core muscles. The involvement of these muscles encourages the combustion of fat and calories, thus making your tissue fitter and stronger. According to research,surfing during the summer burns approximately 250 calories per hour.

Beach Volleyball

With warm weather in the summer, beach volleyball is a very popular sport to play.This sport is rigorous and requires focus and teamwork. Moreover, experts cite that playing beach volleyball accelerates calorie combustion and enables you to burn 355 calories in 30 minutes.


Tennis can be played in any season if you have an indoor court. Nonetheless, playing outdoor tennis during summer is fun and can burn 365 calories in an hour.  Furthermore, it improves your heart rate, which boosts blood circulation throughout the body.


Rugby is a game that is beloved by many people around the world. It is also a good sport that can help you strengthen your muscles, improve mobility, and burn the excess calories you acquired during winter. A person weighing 150 pounds can burn 600 calories if he/she plays rugby for an hour.

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BTS World Game Review

BTS now has an official visual novel style game that puts you in the role of managing your favorite boy band. Unfortunately, it is a great concept but has poor execution. There are lots of features which sound fun, but somehow still miss the mark. Even if you love BTS, which I do, this game still feels dull and boring. But somehow it’s cute, and I still find myself playing it and hoping it will get better. I’m grateful they made this game and took time to translate the text to English. Even if it is rather mediocre at best.

Check out the full review below.

Name: BTS World

Genre: Visual Novel / Otome Game / Dating Sim / Manager Sim

Publisher: Net Marble

Where To Get:



Price: Free

Release Date: June 2019

My Score: 51/80 64% D “Average Game For Girls”

The game has only been out for about 2 weeks at this point, so hopefully they can keep adding new updates to make the game more exciting. The first chapter is especially dull. It needs a better introduction to the game, because no one is going to stick around to keep playing when the first dozen or more missions are so lackluster. I keep playing to see the cute boys, but you could just watch BTS youtube videos and get the same effect lol.


Geeky: 2/5 – Gameplay is bad, story is boring, but yet, it is definitely geeky, only geeky girls (and guys?) who love BTS will play this game.

Sweetie: 5/5 – The game is cute, with each member being featured in their own chapters and putting you in the middle of their story – even though that story really isn’t good at all. I like being able to pretend to text/chat with BTS, and watch their cute reactions. Who is your favorite BTS member? I like Jimin and Jin. They are so cute.

Gameplay: 4/10 – I want to rate this higher… but I just can’t… It has so many features, collecting cards like in Love Live, visual novel/otome story like idea factory games, dressup minigames like love nikki, chatting/phoning like Mystic Messenger…. yet… somehow… even though it draws inspiration from all of these amazing popular games that I love… it somehow… feels flat to me… The features are there… but they lack heart if that makes any sense?

Also one thing that drives me crazy is we can’t take screenshots, and can’t share our cards / brag about rares, etc on social media; that kills a lot of the fun for me.

Story: 3/10 – The story is bad… really bad… Almost can’t force myself to keep playing the game because the story is so slow, boring, dull, just blah…. You guys know I don’t like giving spoilers when I review a game, I like to let you discover the stories for yourselves… I should add I’m not very far in the game yet? Maybe about half way through? Maybe it will get better?

To give you a “highlight” of the story “concept” BTS World takes place in an alternate universe where BTS has never met. You receive a strange message on your phone telling you that you have won a free ticket to a BTS concert, but when you arrive, it’s only a single member, who is waiting to sign a contract which you somehow mysteriously have been carrying around.

Surprise, you’re BTS’ manager. Only you have any memory of who BTS is in the “Real World”. Here in this alternate universe, you work at Big Hit and have been tasked with recruiting talent for a new boy band who will eventually become what we know as BTS.

You do this by progressing through a visual novel style game, although there are few choices along the way.

The game assumes alot about you as the player. It assumes you already know who BTS is, and that you have in depth intimate knowledge about each of the members of BTS. The game doesn’t really provide you any of this information, because why would you be playing this game unless you love BTS right? (that’s their thinking not mine, I personally “like” BTS, but I’m not really knowledgeable about every single member).

I think the story could be improved by assuming less. Giving the characters more… character? I want to learn/know more about each member of BTS while I’m playing… but I feel like it doesn’t really tell me much… which leaves me feeling uninterested…

The games first several missions are literally like “OMG it’s xyz Member, what’s he doing here? Oh he signed my contract, and teased me because I’m freaking out again. I’m a really bad manager. I will do my best to help BTS”

I rather it assume that the player only has minimal knowledge – or better yet even, no knowledge, of BTS. I rather see the members introduced doing things they enjoy/love, like what’s their favorite food, what other hobbies do they have aside from kpop, like maybe playing video games, playing basketball, reading, volunteering with animals, I dunno, whatever BTS does in their spare time.

I feel like that would add some… heart… or humanity… or something to this game…. Give me a reason to care about the characters….

The target audience of this game, the millions of ARMYs are probably perfectly happy with this game, as evidenced by the 4.8 rating on Google…. I don’t consider myself an ARMY… but I do consider myself a fan of BTS – as evidenced here the last month or two that I’ve been sharing my listening habits with you readers, you can see I constantly list BTS (among also other KPop artists).

But even though I’m a fan, I couldn’t tell you too much; hell I can’t even name every member honestly – sorry, I’m not like die-hard… I’m just kinda a casual fan… but I would like to play this game too… but it just… frustrates me that I feel detached from the story and characters because the game does nothing to introduce them, tell me about them, let me “get to know them”.

Which leads us to…

Characters: 7/10 – I’m rating this highly – I am taking points away for the lack of character “development” – but the characters are actual BTS members and they have made videos and pictures etc just for this game, which is really cute, where they speak right to you as a manager. And you can see cute clips and introductions and it’s very cute. I love the cute boys. That’s the only thing saving this game. lol.

Graphics: 8/10 – Sometimes… the graphics look very cheesy in the novel (main gameplay parts), because they are so stiff. I’m used to Live2D where the characters move fluidly… But… in other sections, even some high level cards, there is real video clips, and BTS is so cute, who couldn’t love the Graphics, really?

Voice: 10/10 – BTS provides voice clips for the game too. You can hear BTS talking to you :).

Music: 10/10 – What BTS game wouldn’t have good music? duh lol.

Replay Value: 2/10 – I’m not sure… it’s only been out for 2 weeks – will they have time-limited cards, special events, etc? I hope so, otherwise once you complete the story (which isn’t even that good in the first place) I see no reason to keep playing the game.

My Score: 51/80 64% D “Average Game For Girls” – Yeah, I’d say this game is really just Average. Much better games out there… but if you love BTS – and know a lot about BTS – like I know Millions of ARMYs do – then you will probably super love this game. For me, it’s just kinda cute/amusing but ultimately not a very good game at all, despite that I like BTS quite a bit, but my lack of intimate knowledge of the band and its members ultimately hurts my enjoyment of this game. Your mileage may vary, especially if you’re a BTS super fan. lol.

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