Animal Crossing New Horizons Review

I picked up Animal Crossing New Horizons on its launch day, and I’m still playing it today. I don’t care how you play or choose to enjoy Animal Crossing but this is my little Animal Crossing story… It’s a deeply personal story actually…

I have played every Animal Crossing game ever since the first one – at least those that were brought over for American Gamers stateside that is.

I like the relaxing gameplay, and I play many similar games such as Harvest Moon, Atelier, and Rune Factory, just to name a few. Other similar games include the Sims, “Tycoon” type games, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Sim City, Zoo Tycoon, and indie games like Terraria or Stardew Valley, or taking it back old school style with Azure Dreams. Or Zelda Breath of the Wild other open world PC games like Elder Scrolls or Fallout Or Red Dead Or … Basically any type of semi open world game that allows you to craft or farm or build a village or customize things in kinda a never ending kinda almost aimless type of gameplay…

Now the problem with all of these games is that after awhile, inevitably, they all become tiresome, and dull, and boring, no exceptions. And the rate at which such boredom sets in is dependent upon 2 things, one the game itself, how large the world is, how much there is to do, etc, and 2 being how much time you spend playing said game… And adding a 3rd, being who you have to play it with.

Now in the case of animal crossing new horizons… here’s where my story gets personal and different from your story… so your experiences may vary…

The game had just come out, and I was so excited, I had the game for maybe 3 or 4 days… when tragedy struck… I became seriously ill. I don’t get personal on this blog very often… and I’ll spare you the details in what is meant to be a game review… but I was diagnosed with Epilepsy, which happened while I was playing the game one morning… I began having grand mal seizures and was hospitalized. Eventually the seizures lessened and are more controlled but only due to medication which has other side effects in and of itself. And when you are sick… not only does your health change but so does your mental state, and I was shocked, depressed, scared, and had about a million questions… Even now… almost 3 months later… I’m sitting here as I type this while wearing a heart monitor as tests are being done still to determine the cause of my seizures.

Now not all Epilepsy is caused by flashy lights, in fact, only a small percent of Epilepsy is caused by “photo sensitivity” – but it was still advised that I limit my screen time accordingly until tests have been able to rule out that cause. I’ve had MRI, EEG, ECG, you name it, I’ve had it these past 3 months. Being in and out of hospitals, and because of Covid19, also having to do testing at home as well.

Needless to say, between doctor visits, hospital stays, medical testings, procedures, my depression, and health factors, I didn’t have a lot of time for animal crossing… so much so to the point where I didn’t play it for over a month after about 3 days into it after release…

While everyone else online was time traveling and had the perfect islands and perfect villagers already, I was just beginning my life in Animal Crossing.

For many, Animal Crossing was a way to connect during the Pandemic when you couldn’t go outside or see friends or family or do anything in real life, Animal Crossing was dubbed as the game everyone needed right now.

And because of the Pandemic and Unemployment and no school for the kiddos, people were playing it hours and hours on end… That’s never been how I like to play these games… I feel like they aren’t meant to be played that way… They’re meant to be spent maybe an hour at the most. Some days I only spend 15-20 minutes.

I find this keeps me wanting to play every day…. No wonder so many other players are burnt out and have either left the game completely, or taking a long break now 3 months after release…

Meanwhile overhere, I just built my Campsite 2 days ago, and just opened Able Sisters Tailors today, and still haven’t filled my Museum, and only have maybe 5 animals living on my island currently.

So for me, personally, the game is still fresh, and yes, I know eventually, inevitably, I too will grow tired of the game… move on to other more interesting games, games with objectives, games with story, games with combat, games with more meat and more depth…. but for now… I’m still enjoying Animal Crossing New Horizons….

I started the game with Flo and Lyman, I later learned everyone starts with one Uchi (Caring) Female and One Jock Male character. My island has grown a tiny bit now with Drago, Rodney (I know everyone hates him, but uhm I kinda like the teal color – honestly lol.), and Olive. I might eventually kick Drago, Rodney, and/or Flo out for more cute, pink, pastel, kawaii looking characters, but for now, there’s room for everyone still.

I still only have one bridge in my village, and I just have wild trees, flowers, and shrubs everywhere.

I’ve downloaded some QR code custom outfits, and feel cute in the game. I also feel it looks a little bit like me. I appreciate the customization aspects. I like the ability to design an island and fish or catch bugs (although bugs creep me out irl – I feel ya Blathers lol). I love though to go look at the museum, the bug section is so calming, the trees and sunlight, and the aquarium section, and the massive dinosaurs. I like going to museums in real life too, so that’s not a surprise.

There are some things already that I don’t like about the game.

The rapid rate of progression, I was advised that after building the campsite and getting KK Slider to visit the island, the game is basically over. There’s nothing new to strive for or achieve, except for just redesigning your island, moving buildings around, expanding your house, deepening your friendships with the villagers, enjoying in-game events, and collecting items, or fishing, or whatever you like to do in the game.

But the fact that the progression ends in what has maybe taken me 2-3 weeks, is a tad disapointing.

The island also seems small… It’s been years since I last played animal crossing and I can’t recall how large former islands in previous installments of Animal Crossing series were, but this one feels really small, and can only hold a max of 10 villagers…

Some people dislike that it’s one village per switch console, but I’m really the only one who plays so it isn’t too bothersome to me.

I do like that you can play co-op with other people – I’ve tried to get my boyfriend into it but he just isn’t into games much, especially not “anime” type ones like Animal Crossing. He still lives in a tent in my game even lol. He played it one time on launch day with me and that was it.

I would like us to be able to just fish or walk or explore together, but the small island and the awkward sometimes co-op kinda is a buzz-kill. Why don’t they make split screen games any more? I know maybe having 2 switch consoles or switch lites or something could solve that problem, but I’m not paying hundreds just to have more screen space or more freedom.

I hear horror stories about people robbing your island on internet play, but I haven’t even tried it yet. I added hundreds of people from facebook in a community set up just for the game, but then I got sick, and then just never did anything to visit or invite them to visit me

The communication tools and keyboard also aren’t the best/fastest way to communicate. I dunno if it uses voice too or not. I remember one of the older games used a headset and I find that preferable over the chunky keyboard components.

When it comes to single player, one of the worst flaws is lack of story which for me personally kills my interest in a game faster than anything. I play games 98% just for story alone.

The other major flaw is that most of the items are just for looks or for show. You can’t interact with the vast majority of items on your island. The game would be more fun if the world was more life like and interactive. Like seeing little animations for example using a stove, roasting a marshmallow, playing a guitar, using a vending machine, whatever, just something, to make the world more dynamic.

Still flaws aside, Animal Crossing stands the test of time, for being cute, colorful, pure, peaceful, and being about anything YOU want to do with it. Your game, and your story, and your experiences in animal crossing – or similar games like it – are your own! What you do is up to you. That’s the best thing about it. The cute colorful animal characters are just a plus.

Overall: 61/90 68% D+ “Average Game For Girls”

Geeky: 1/5 – Not much to do, small island, few residents at one time, 1 island per console, gets repetitive fast, some weird co-op controls/experiences, difficult online communication tools, definite room for improvement here.

Sweetie: 5/5 – Cute colorful animal residents, customization, and relaxing enjoyable gameplay, wholesome, pure, cute moments with real or online friends or computer controlled animal characters

Gameplay 5/10 – I put it right in the middle, it has its moments, because in the beginning it’s fresh and fun, but gets tiresome and dull, and the small island and other limitations I’ve mentioned throughout the article put some snags in the gameplay for sure.

Story: 0/10 – Non-existent unless you create your own in your head or with your friends.

Graphics: 10/10 – totally cute – totally my aesthetic

Characters: 6/10 – Cute as they are – they are also empty hollow shells and not very interesting at all, due to lack of story, lack of any character development, story or character progression or growth, I can’t give full marks, but there are lots of them (around 320 of em), and most, if not all, are cute. So they have that going for them at least.

Music: 6/10 – cute/catchy but a little repetitive, you can change your island tune, as you can customize just about everything about this game

Customization: 10/10 – gotta give some extra points her for that above mentioned remark, you can create any kind of house, with any kind of decor, any kind of character with any kind of outfit, any kind of outdoor or indoor furniture, gardens, plants, etc… even customize the music in the game. You craft and create a lot of stuff and gather materials, that’s the main objective. And if that’s what you find fun, this game is boss.

Cuteness: 10/10 – in a world filled with pandemics and violence and fear, Animal Crossing is the light this world needs right now…

Replay Value: 8/10 – Although it does get boring, you could endlessly keep wiping your island, changing in/out villagers, moving houses, landscaping, creating not just gardens, but waterfalls, rivers, whatever you wanted, planting various plants, and partaking in limited time events which often reward new rare and limited items.

Overall: 61/90 68% D+ “Average Game For Girls”

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How to buy bitcoin with the Profit?

The internet, many financial tools have emerged that can be used to make profits, and perhaps the most famous of these tools is the so-called bitcoin currency.

And electronic currencies are traded over the Internet, through which to buy products online, or sometimes it is converted to real currencies in a certain way.

1- Opening a bitcoin wallet

Before a person searches for how to obtain a bitcoin currency, first he must open a wallet in which to place those currencies, and the wallet here means the electronic account that the person registers in his name, and it can be considered as a bank account, and there are two methods To obtain that wallet, namely:

– Get bitcoin through a program that the person installs on his machine, which is a free and open source program that can be downloaded from the official website of Bitcoin, but in this case it must be ensured that the device is valid for that process and on maintenance, update and permanent disinfection of viruses.

– You can contact some companies specialized in bitcoin services; To open an account for the person, and this method is the best to assure the person of his portfolio from loss or piracy, and among the most prominent, famous and best companies specialized in this matter is the coinbase company that provides accounts opening services and buying bitcoin, as there is another company called Blockchain but it only provides services Opening portfolios and trading indicators without the possibility of trading in the sense that Blockchain currently enables the person to obtain the portfolio and then can deal in his portfolio through other platforms of his choice.

2- Obtaining Bitcoin

After a person has been able to register an account and open his own financial portfolio, he must start the procedures for obtaining Bitcoin to place it in his portfolio, and there are several methods for this:

  • A person can resort to buying bitcoin from a company that provides this service, such as coin base.
  • Bitcoin can be purchased directly from someone who offers their currencies for sale.
  • There are some companies that offer bitcoin gift cards.
  • Bitcoin currency may be obtained as support or by a person or association donating to the account.

How to trade Bitcoin?

currency trading is done in more than one way, but most of them are flimsy methods that are not widely spread, but what is known in these operations is the exchange of bitcoin currency in dollars and the sale and purchase of currencies according to the price of each electronic currency against the dollar, and this is done so that the person registers On one of the sites specialized in this matter, which is many, then someone who owns electronic currencies displays his need to sell them for a certain amount of dollars in order to buy something through the Internet, and here begins the speculative journey with electronic capital and every person can buy or sell currencies according to his experience about currency rates and whether they will rise Or will it decrease, will it gain or will it lose?

There are several other methods of trading where currencies are exchanged for other currencies or other products with some sales sites or marketing companies, or that bitcoin is sold to anyone who wants to open new portfolios of his own, and here a person can sell them more precious than what he bought and achieved through that deal Daily $ 10 profit, just by buying and selling deals for bitcoin.

It is worth noting that bitcoin currency deprived some countries from being traded inside, and this is to maintain the natural, formal, realistic economy that is circulating in the hands of people, as the governments that made such idea. You can perform all bitcoin transaction with

In this context, the crisis attended by Bitcoin in China led to an increase in the exchange market and trading volume in the Bitcoin exchange market. Chinese traders suddenly focused on the Japanese Bitcoin exchange market, which led to a huge increase in the volume of Japan’s trading in digital currencies.

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Top 5 Trending Technologies That You Can Learn in 2020


Technology is constantly changing all the time. If you are an IT-professional then you better know how competitive your job profile is. You need to be up-to-date with the latest technological trends to protect your position. There is no doubt that the changes will continue and new technologies will evolve in the future.

However, if you are not from IT-background still you need to be aware of the latest technologies for awareness. And if you are searching for a job or want to make a career transition then learning about the new technologies can fulfill your dream. Here we will focus on the top 5 trending technologies that anyone can learn in 2020. 

Trending Technologies in 2020

If you are interested in the trending technologies in 2020, read on till the end to find which one is best for you.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Despite the fact that Artificial Intelligence is not a new technology, but the advancement in AI made it to be in the top list of the trending technologies in 2020. There is a huge demand and wide application of AI in human life and businesses. This technology is used for recognizing patterns, image recognition, voice recognition, etc. AI and ML together play an important role in large corporations in many ways. It is a great opportunity for you to start learning sooner and faster to stay ahead in your career in this field. 

  1. Blockchain Technology

Have you ever heard about digital currencies like bitcoin, ether, or any cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency like bitcoins is the new age currency that offers seamless transactions. It is developed with the intention to make faster and secure online transactions. These transactions are possible through a decentralized network which works on the blockchain technology. There is a huge demand for blockchain developers, so it is a great career choice for 2020. Apart from this, you can also earn money with bitcoin trading. If you want to know more about bitcoin trading, then learn how it works.

  1. Internet of Things

Needless to mention how the internet has shaped the world. The great tool for communication. It is connected to every aspect of our life in some way or the other. The Internet of things will definitely transform our future with its diversified application in everything. Starting from a refrigerator sensor to heavy machinery, you will find the application of IoT everywhere. It will make every task simpler and the demand for IoT is growing rapidly. If you want to make a career in this field, then this is the right time. Even you don’t want to find a job, you can learn this technology which is used in our daily lives.

  1. 5G Technology

In the modern age, the most powerful things are information and communication. If you use the information and communication in the right way you can impact the world in many ways. This is possible due to the internet. Nowadays, everyone is looking for a high-speed internet connection with low latency. There are research and development works going on for 5G technologies and it is expected that very soon it will find its place. So, there is a huge demand for 5G technology in 2020, and it will continue to grow in the near future. 

  1. Automation

With the development of technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT the automation industry is also growing at a faster rate. Many industries are using automation for their daily operations such as software companies, banking, FMCG, drone, manufacturing industries, etc. So, if you are interested in robotics or machines and some knowledge of coding you can combine them to make a bring career. 

Hopefully, you have got some idea about the trending technologies that anyone can in 2020. Now without wasting much time, choose any of the above technologies, and start learning.

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Bitcoin Versus Gold: Which Asset Is Going to Emerge Stronger After The Coronavirus


The Coronavirus pandemic has aptly demonstrated one critical element- how very fragile the systems created by humans are! One aspect of modern human societies, which has completely disintegrated has been the financial and economic systems. 

The manipulation of fiat currencies by policy makers and the sheer arrogance of making its value anything, which is deemed fit has been burst. As nations start printing more and increase borrowings from their central banks, the world is looking at another disaster waiting to happen. 

In this article, we talk about two financial assets, which are showing a lot of promise vis-à-vis fiat currencies- Gold and Bitcoins. While both of them are similar in many ways, we look at which one of them will emerge stronger post the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Which Asset has the upper hand- Gold or Bitcoin?

Ever since the start of the Coronavirus lockdown, gold supplies in different parts of the world have been hit very hard. The physical processes involved in mining, sorting, processing and shaping gold has meant that several people who were looking to invest in gold have not been getting their hands on it. 

On the other hand, Bitcoin’s mining structure and set up prevents it from falling into any issue, with regard to any problems. The supply is steady and this has been buoyed by the recent interest investors are showing in Bitcoins in different parts of the world. 

Most of the issues, which have happened because of the Coronavirus has been because of the physical supply chains of gold getting affected. As Bitcoin has better and sturdier foundations, it would be no surprise that their supply chains were not hit. 

Has Gold lost all its Value vis-à-vis Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies?

While enthusiastic crypto journals and forums are all too eager to jump into this conclusion, we should exercise more caution. Gold continues to be a stable investment options for millions all over the world. Financial experts point out that the instability in gold hovers around the 15% mark. 

They also point out that the same for Bitcoins and other crypto stands at least three to four times to that of gold. However, not all is lost when it comes to the crypto front. Bitcoin and other crypto have a definite advantage when it comes to ‘teleportability’. 

In other words, looking to exploit the price advantage in gold between different continents would have to move it physically. The ensuing time could be enough to rid all the price benefit. Bitcoin does not suffer from such issues. It can be moved from one location in one part of the world to another one in an instant. This is a great advantage. 

Gold Backed Stablecoins- A New Step in the right Direction

Rather than see Bitcoin as a threat to Bitcoin, analysts are more interested in stablecoins backed by gold. Even though there are just three of them in the market right now, with a cumulative value of under $100 Million, the potential to bring them to the levels of Equity is for everyone to see. 

Experts are also of the opinion that gold backed stablecoins will get much favourable reception from banks and authorities, as they themselves store gold. Stablecoins backed by gold, are not only a threat to gold, they are a real threat to Bitcoin itself. 

Many also talk about how stablecoins is the combination of all the good elements of gold and Bitcoin, but an evolution over them. This presents stablecoins as some sort of a dialectic over gold and Bitcoins. 


With more and more credible online trading app operating in Bitcoin and other crypto trading, investors are hedging their funds on crypto rather than on gold. Only time will tell, which financial asset comes out stronger- Gold, Bitcoin or Stablecoins? 

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Smart Doll Fortuitous Box Opening Unboxing Video

I recently purchased my first Smart Doll, via a product called Smart Doll Fortuitous. I have owned similar dolls from other manufacturers such as Dollfie Dream by Volks, Hujoo, and Resin Balljointed Dolls, just to name a few. So I already had a good idea what to expect.

This blog post features a video of my unboxing below, and is sprinkled with photos I’ve taken of my new doll. In the video I mention that I thought I’d received her default wig, but someone kindly pointed out to me, that it was actually Crimson’s default wig, which is no longer available on the site, and I’ve had a ton of compliments/offers to buy the wig – but I’m waiting to hopefully get a boy – maybe Gemini – or maybe a custom Dollfie Dream like a tan dollpoint akihabara boy :). So I think I’ll hang onto the wig for now. I do like how the wig is all choppy/shaggy in the back/kinda spikey, I just think it will suit a boy better :). I like my girls to be all girly-girls. lol.


Fortuitous is unique in that it is similar to the concept of “blind boxes” in that you don’t actually know what you’re going to receive until you open the box. Fortuitous comes with a bra and panties set, a random pair of eyes already inserted, and a random wig. Fortuitous comes in a few different types, including completely random, or allowing you to select if you prefer semi-realistic or anime style dolls.


I used to be into more realistic dolls, but for the last 3-4 years I’ve gone almost completely anime. I’ve been in the balljoint doll hobby for over 15 years now, with my first being Dollzone Demi which they no longer make. I have all different sizes, shapes, brands, and both legit and recast dolls.

Lately for the last 2 years I’ve mostly been buying exclusively Dollfie Dreams by Volks – and also found out that they can fit onto Dream Fairy bodies (which to my knowledge are not recast). And the Dream Fairy body is a perfect match for Volks Semi-White – they currently don’t offer anything that matches Volks normal skin though.

I recently began branching out into other doll brands. I’ve wanted a Smart Doll forever, I’ve been following the brand since day 1, when the talk of having an actual “Smart Doll” with artificial intelligence was the primary goal of the company. – I dunno if that will ever happen, but that’s what garnered my attention because I’m really fascinated by Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. I want to live in a world like Chobits :).

But as of right now, the company only manufactures regular jointed dolls, similar to Volks, Obitsu, Dream Fairy, or Azone. – But that’s still fine for me, because I collect all these types of “jointed” dolls, whether they’re mechanical joints, or ball joints, or strung together, or have an internal frame, vinyl, resin, abs… whatever. lol.

The first Smart Doll I purchased, actually wasn’t fortuitous. I actually have a Smart Doll Chitose Multiverse on layaway with fabric and friends dolls – a US reseller of Smart Doll products. But I’m only about halfway through my 6 month layaway and so – since I purchased Fortuitous outright directly from the manufacturer, it naturally arrived first.

You do receive a small discount if you purchase Fortuitous and leave it up to fate which doll you receive. The discount (at time of when I purchased my Fortuitous) was 10% off completely random, or 5% off if you wanted to specify either Semi-Real or Anime. I chose to go for the Anime one since that’s all I’m really interested in these days. My more realistic dolls are packed away and I only display about 6 of my anime dolls right now.

I just purchased 3 Azone dolls, which is a “new brand” (to me, but they’ve been around for decades in Japan). I purchased 2 Azone Ex Cute Pure Neemo Dolls (small barbie size dolls) and a 50 cm using the Obitsu body – I am currently waiting on all 3 to arrive, with the first coming next week. But that’s a blog post for another day.

Someone on instagram asked me to compare and contrast the Dollfie Dream and Smart Doll body – but that’s also a blog post for another day lol.

Overall this is what I have to say about Smart Doll:

They have really cute knees – some dolls like Dream Fairy have such ugly knees. What I like about Smart Doll Knees is that it has a natural look hiding the joints kinda when it sits or stands, etc.

The cinnamon skin tone is gorgeous. I thought for sure 100% that I would prefer Milk skin tone (I still haven’t seen it in person) – from the pictures on the site. But I also know that cinnamon dolls are still using the milk skeleton/frame system. You can see it in the joints of the wrists for example.

Someone told me that the skeleton is actually even darker than the milk outer shell – and that wrist joint is already pale, almost a greyish color.

But I like Dollfie Dream Semi White a lot – maybe even more than natural – and I assumed Milk Smart Doll to be similar to Dollfie Dream Semi White – but I read somewhere that it was actually closer to Dollfie Dream natural.

Personally I think the decision to change to cinnamon was to increase profits so people couldn’t mix and match heads/bodies from other companies, having to buy both the head and body from Smart Doll – which is a pretty smart business decision.

The cinnamon skin tone is very unique. It has a very nice “healthy glow” to it, It is a warm and pretty almost “sun kissed” color. It is not a “tan” – for that, Smart Doll has “Tea” color dolls – And Summer is the next doll I plan to purchase – she was the first Smart Doll I ever wanted and she is Tea so soon I’ll be able to show comparative photos of the two skin tones.

The cinnamon skin tone, has a hint of peach or pink, and in person it looks really nice! Just judging by the wrist joint which I know to be milk – even if it’s a slightly deeper shade of milk – I still really prefer cinnamon – comparing that cinnamon outer shell to that milk wrist joint.

I do wish they would make a cinnamon skeleton because the difference in the wrist joint does bother me a little – but not enough to prevent me from purchasing more cinnamon dolls in the future. It’s just like one of those little things – that they could improve maybe in the future. Really you could place a bracelet or something over the wrist joints if it bothers you too much. The wrist is really about the only place that it shows badly.

Smart Doll aren’t the only company to cut corners to save costs and keep prices “low” in this fashion. Volks did the same thing with their US exclusive Dollfie Dream Icons – which is why I didn’t want one. These dolls have purple, green, or deep tan outer shells, but using the flesh color dollfie dream frames, and their joints look WEIRD AF…. Especially since in the case of the Volks dolls, the skin colors are soooo different. Like with Smart Doll, cinnamon and milk are maybe 2 shades different, but a green doll or purple doll with “pinkish” joints – uhhh no thanks? lol. That was really off putting to me – but a lot of people liked those dolls. Maybe I’m weird that I notice all of these little details.

Smart Dolls are very sturdy and stable. Their stability can be enhanced with the free included telescopic stand that slides into a hole in their back, giving them a “tripod” for balancing on. This is a unique feature only found in Smart Doll and gives them a strong advantage over the competition. Smart Dolls can still stand without the tripod piece. But by using the tripod you can capture poses and photos that are impossible with other doll companies, such as standing on one foot, kicking up their heels, dancing, or jumping or other difficult and challenging photo shoots. – I haven’t tried these kinds of poses myself yet – I will soon – so if you’d like to follow me on Instagram you’ll see these kinds of poses in the future. (@Xenokitten)

The Smart Doll neck joint also seems to have more flexibility than the competition, with ability to look up, down, and sideways with more ease.

The Smart Doll faceups are very detailed and beautiful. I know that they use a mask and machine type system which is different to how many of their competitors design their dolls – many are still doing hand painted faceups. But honestly, I don’t mind the machine painted faceups.

The doll I received has a very slightly open mouth, with a little pouting expression. The eyelashes and eyebrows and other details are also meticulously detailed.

By now you can probably see the doll I received is Chitose :).

Some people who purchase Fortuitous are able to receive one-of a kind dolls, or dolls that are no longer in production. Cinnamon Chitose is one of the dolls that is soon to be discontinued (you can see a list of soon to be discontinued dolls on the Smart Doll website.). But some special people receive prototypes that never will become available for purchase, making them unique one-of-a-kind dolls. Other people will receive dolls that are currently being manufactured but not released to anyone yet – I saw a lot of people receiving Moment and Clarity and I really want both of those dolls and am a little bit jealous lol.

But other people (the majority of people in fact) will just receive run of the mill standard Smart Dolls – and there’s nothing wrong with that – they’re all lovely.

I really don’t care much for Prowess or Valiant but that’s merely because I don’t like the faceups. You could always send it out for a new faceup. I like the more natural faceups. Prowess has cat whiskers painted on, and Valiant has a large red birthmark. I later learned Valiant was based on a real woman with a similar birthmark. Valiant’s story is inspiring, as is the real woman’s. She doesn’t want to cover up her birth mark and although she might get teased or bullied, she has learned to embrace it as part of herself. I also have a birthmark, but mine isn’t bright red, mine used to be very dark brown, and like Jem’s (80s cartoons) makeup lol, a “little” lightning bolt on my right cheek right below my eye. But my birthmark has faded a lot. I also have rosacea, and other skin issues.. So I’m not trying to put anyone down who has unique features like that too. I understand. But I use dolls in a way as escapism, I like that they are beautiful and unrealistic and that’s why I kinda am grateful I didn’t receive Valiant or Prowess lol. But a lot of people love both Valiant and Prowess. They are actually 2 of the most popular models from what I see on Facebook or Instagram, but they’re just not my tastes. If I had received one of those two I would have probably sent the head off for repaint by an artist :). Which is one of the funnest things about this hobby. I wish I had talent to do faceups myself lol. I’ve tried a few times and it’s not good lol.

Overall, I’d definitely do Fortuitous again in the future:

I liked the excitement of not knowing what I’d receive.

If I did receive one of the two I don’t like as much – I could always send it out for a faceup and then have a one of a kind doll :).

I appreciate the discount.

I like the randomness of getting random wig and eyes – which makes the dolls more unqiue than just off-the-shelf Smart Dolls.

Smart Dolls themselves are very well constructed and beautiful dolls that I would highly recommend the brand to anyone who collects jointed dolls or anime figures.

There’s always a chance to receive a retired, soon to be retired, soon to be released, or completely one-of-a-kind prototype doll – which makes it even more exciting.

Even the basic most common Smart Dolls are still adorable. – You really can’t go wrong!

I don’t think I’ll be able to afford to jump on the next Fortuitous launch, but I definitely think I will buy more Fortuitous dolls in the near future. I think I want to buy Summer – and hopefully Gemini – first – and I want that Sailor Jupiter from Volks – and a dollpoint Akihabara custom dollfie dream – and I’ve bought too many dolls lately to be buying anyone – like 4 of which aren’t even here yet lol. I was supposed to go to Japan (for the first time ever) next month but because of this Coronavirus stuff that all got cancelled (and refunded luckily). I was then going to go to Disney (before Corona hit over in the USA and was still just an Asian disease), and then Corona blew up over here, and that got cancelled too – Disney refunded me – but the airlines I chose that time – did not – and now my job – and my health (not covid related) are all kinda topsy turvy / uncertain – and I don’t think I can travel – or make too many more big purchases – and not even sure if I can work or if I’ll be disabled – and not 100% sure yet if my work will take me back or if I’ll be job hunting – or what will happen – these are uncertain times – so I think I need to cool off the doll shopping sprees – and just pay off the layaway and wait for my others to arrive.

Speaking of dolls getting here – Smart Doll ships very fast – If it is your first time ordering – your order will be held a few days while they verify your address – but after being verified – it ships out the same or next day, and arrived from Japan to USA in about 5-6 days – it would have been about 3-4 days but DHL doesn’t deliver on weekends in the USA. (Not Smart Doll’s fault). 5-6 days for an international parcel is still pretty great! It took them about 3-4 days to verify me since it was my first purchase, making total turn around time from purchase to arrival about 9-10 days, still really not bad honestly, but now future purchases will ship same or next day 🙂 making the travel time less than 4 days usually. They ship much faster than any of the competitors – that’s one big plus!

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