Winky Lux Lavender Confetti Lip Balm PH Pheromone Color Changing Lip Balm Review

I have a few videos in this review. I’ll just leave these here at the front of this review for you to check out.

In the first video, I was in my bathroom and using the mirror with poor lighting, weird camera angles, and also did not give it enough time to properly work as it takes about 5-10 minutes to react to your pheromones. After leaving the house, my lips continued becoming more and more pink.

So I wanted to do another video review this morning. I moved out to the living room with windows, a sliding glass door, and 2 skylights, for more natural lighting, and I decided to talk to you all about games and other geeky stuff while letting the lip balm work its magic.

But then my grandma called and Iphone cut off my video just like that! NOOOOO….. I declined the call and started the camera back up. You can see I’m still in the same room, same place, wearing the same thing, same lighting in the room, not much time has passed, and I promise I haven’t put anything else on my lips. I talk to you for about 20 minutes about games and my recent health diagnosis as we watch the lipstick change colors. Sorry she called and ruined my video. Bummer. I wonder if there’s a setting on iphone to automatically decline calls when you’re using the camera… I will have to investigate further lol. Using video reviews is new to me, because I really hate the sound of my voice – I have tried to avoid doing many video reviews over the years as I lack confidence, not just my voice but my weight and other things too. But regardless or that aside, I think you’ll be seeing more video reviews around here, because it’s easier for me now with my health diagnosis, which I explain in the video below.

For those that don’t like watching videos, here are some remarks you can read about below.

I tried Winky Lux Lip Balm years ago when you had to buy it online. Back then the product I tried was a clear balm with a real rose at the bottom of the tube. It was also color changing pheromone lip balm like the product I’m reviewing today.

For today’s product, I just walked into target and picked it up off the shelf.

It cost $16 at my local Target. Which yes, granted it is expensive compared to other brands, but most other brands don’t change color and look unique on you with your pheromones. This lipstick looks different on every person. Which makes it worth a few more bucks maybe.

On me, it’s a natural subtle change.

The product name is Lavender Confetti – but it’s more pink I think? On me at least – again how it looks on you might be slightly different – I don’t know! 🙂 That’s the fun of it though.

Maybe it’s just a little marketing gimmick, but it does definitely work. You just have to give it a few minutes, it keeps intensifying as it reacts to your body’s pheromones.

It’s fun, it’s unique, it’s like a surprise, you won’t really know what it looks like on you, until you try it on! 🙂

I could never be a lip model because my lips are so thin lol. I don’t have big full lips – I wish I did lol. If I ever have a daughter someday, hopefully she’ll get her lips from her father and not from me lol 🙂

I have from time to time used lip plumping glosses too which really work. My grandma told me you can also rub cinnamon on your lips and I’ve heard of other wives tales too.

I know a few years ago the Kardashians or someone started a trend of sucking on the rim of a wine glass or something to plump your lips but that was proven to be dangerous I think – I never did try that one lol.

I almost never wear makeup. I’ve only had a full face of makeup twice in my life, and both times I had it done at a salon. I don’t know how to put on makeup honestly.

I haven’t been leaving the house as much I kinda have slipped into not putting anything on them, and then I’ve been going to the park to walk or watch my boyfriend play sports and it’s been in the 90s and sunny here… and I do use spray on sunscreen, but I SHOULD have been using SOMETHING on my lips too – I usually use banana boat SPF lip balm – but I haven’t used anything all summer…. And my lips look really bad – and feel really bad now lol…..

But immediately as I’m applying Winky Lux Lip Balm I can feel it moisturizing my lips – It’s not sticky or wet feeling at all… It has almost like a lotiony feeling?

My favorite thing though is how this lipstick tastes… It seriously tastes and smells like birthday cake – it’s so good lol. Reminds me of like back in the 90s those “lip smackers” candy flavored chapsticks lol. Even my cat comes over and wants to sniff my lips in one of the videos you can see above lol…

Overall, the color is subtle and not a big shock, which is great if you want to look natural! Other people might think you’re not wearing anything at all!

But if you’re expecting a bright pop of color or holographic hologram lips or sparkling lips or something more “out there” and “in your face” this is disappointing. I would think it’d give you a little bit of glitter because there IS glitter in it – but it really doesn’t transfer the glitter to your lips.

Overall though for a fun color changing product, I would recommend this. Part of the fun is just giving it a try and seeing how it looks on you, because everyone’s pheromones are different, which means the Winky Lux Lavender Confetti Lip Balm is different on everyone too!

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How to buy bitcoin with the Profit?

The internet, many financial tools have emerged that can be used to make profits, and perhaps the most famous of these tools is the so-called bitcoin currency.

And electronic currencies are traded over the Internet, through which to buy products online, or sometimes it is converted to real currencies in a certain way.

1- Opening a bitcoin wallet

Before a person searches for how to obtain a bitcoin currency, first he must open a wallet in which to place those currencies, and the wallet here means the electronic account that the person registers in his name, and it can be considered as a bank account, and there are two methods To obtain that wallet, namely:

– Get bitcoin through a program that the person installs on his machine, which is a free and open source program that can be downloaded from the official website of Bitcoin, but in this case it must be ensured that the device is valid for that process and on maintenance, update and permanent disinfection of viruses.

– You can contact some companies specialized in bitcoin services; To open an account for the person, and this method is the best to assure the person of his portfolio from loss or piracy, and among the most prominent, famous and best companies specialized in this matter is the coinbase company that provides accounts opening services and buying bitcoin, as there is another company called Blockchain but it only provides services Opening portfolios and trading indicators without the possibility of trading in the sense that Blockchain currently enables the person to obtain the portfolio and then can deal in his portfolio through other platforms of his choice.

2- Obtaining Bitcoin

After a person has been able to register an account and open his own financial portfolio, he must start the procedures for obtaining Bitcoin to place it in his portfolio, and there are several methods for this:

  • A person can resort to buying bitcoin from a company that provides this service, such as coin base.
  • Bitcoin can be purchased directly from someone who offers their currencies for sale.
  • There are some companies that offer bitcoin gift cards.
  • Bitcoin currency may be obtained as support or by a person or association donating to the account.

How to trade Bitcoin?

currency trading is done in more than one way, but most of them are flimsy methods that are not widely spread, but what is known in these operations is the exchange of bitcoin currency in dollars and the sale and purchase of currencies according to the price of each electronic currency against the dollar, and this is done so that the person registers On one of the sites specialized in this matter, which is many, then someone who owns electronic currencies displays his need to sell them for a certain amount of dollars in order to buy something through the Internet, and here begins the speculative journey with electronic capital and every person can buy or sell currencies according to his experience about currency rates and whether they will rise Or will it decrease, will it gain or will it lose?

There are several other methods of trading where currencies are exchanged for other currencies or other products with some sales sites or marketing companies, or that bitcoin is sold to anyone who wants to open new portfolios of his own, and here a person can sell them more precious than what he bought and achieved through that deal Daily $ 10 profit, just by buying and selling deals for bitcoin.

It is worth noting that bitcoin currency deprived some countries from being traded inside, and this is to maintain the natural, formal, realistic economy that is circulating in the hands of people, as the governments that made such idea. You can perform all bitcoin transaction with

In this context, the crisis attended by Bitcoin in China led to an increase in the exchange market and trading volume in the Bitcoin exchange market. Chinese traders suddenly focused on the Japanese Bitcoin exchange market, which led to a huge increase in the volume of Japan’s trading in digital currencies.

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Top 5 Trending Technologies That You Can Learn in 2020


Technology is constantly changing all the time. If you are an IT-professional then you better know how competitive your job profile is. You need to be up-to-date with the latest technological trends to protect your position. There is no doubt that the changes will continue and new technologies will evolve in the future.

However, if you are not from IT-background still you need to be aware of the latest technologies for awareness. And if you are searching for a job or want to make a career transition then learning about the new technologies can fulfill your dream. Here we will focus on the top 5 trending technologies that anyone can learn in 2020. 

Trending Technologies in 2020

If you are interested in the trending technologies in 2020, read on till the end to find which one is best for you.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Despite the fact that Artificial Intelligence is not a new technology, but the advancement in AI made it to be in the top list of the trending technologies in 2020. There is a huge demand and wide application of AI in human life and businesses. This technology is used for recognizing patterns, image recognition, voice recognition, etc. AI and ML together play an important role in large corporations in many ways. It is a great opportunity for you to start learning sooner and faster to stay ahead in your career in this field. 

  1. Blockchain Technology

Have you ever heard about digital currencies like bitcoin, ether, or any cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency like bitcoins is the new age currency that offers seamless transactions. It is developed with the intention to make faster and secure online transactions. These transactions are possible through a decentralized network which works on the blockchain technology. There is a huge demand for blockchain developers, so it is a great career choice for 2020. Apart from this, you can also earn money with bitcoin trading. If you want to know more about bitcoin trading, then learn how it works.

  1. Internet of Things

Needless to mention how the internet has shaped the world. The great tool for communication. It is connected to every aspect of our life in some way or the other. The Internet of things will definitely transform our future with its diversified application in everything. Starting from a refrigerator sensor to heavy machinery, you will find the application of IoT everywhere. It will make every task simpler and the demand for IoT is growing rapidly. If you want to make a career in this field, then this is the right time. Even you don’t want to find a job, you can learn this technology which is used in our daily lives.

  1. 5G Technology

In the modern age, the most powerful things are information and communication. If you use the information and communication in the right way you can impact the world in many ways. This is possible due to the internet. Nowadays, everyone is looking for a high-speed internet connection with low latency. There are research and development works going on for 5G technologies and it is expected that very soon it will find its place. So, there is a huge demand for 5G technology in 2020, and it will continue to grow in the near future. 

  1. Automation

With the development of technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT the automation industry is also growing at a faster rate. Many industries are using automation for their daily operations such as software companies, banking, FMCG, drone, manufacturing industries, etc. So, if you are interested in robotics or machines and some knowledge of coding you can combine them to make a bring career. 

Hopefully, you have got some idea about the trending technologies that anyone can in 2020. Now without wasting much time, choose any of the above technologies, and start learning.

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Bitcoin Versus Gold: Which Asset Is Going to Emerge Stronger After The Coronavirus


The Coronavirus pandemic has aptly demonstrated one critical element- how very fragile the systems created by humans are! One aspect of modern human societies, which has completely disintegrated has been the financial and economic systems. 

The manipulation of fiat currencies by policy makers and the sheer arrogance of making its value anything, which is deemed fit has been burst. As nations start printing more and increase borrowings from their central banks, the world is looking at another disaster waiting to happen. 

In this article, we talk about two financial assets, which are showing a lot of promise vis-à-vis fiat currencies- Gold and Bitcoins. While both of them are similar in many ways, we look at which one of them will emerge stronger post the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Which Asset has the upper hand- Gold or Bitcoin?

Ever since the start of the Coronavirus lockdown, gold supplies in different parts of the world have been hit very hard. The physical processes involved in mining, sorting, processing and shaping gold has meant that several people who were looking to invest in gold have not been getting their hands on it. 

On the other hand, Bitcoin’s mining structure and set up prevents it from falling into any issue, with regard to any problems. The supply is steady and this has been buoyed by the recent interest investors are showing in Bitcoins in different parts of the world. 

Most of the issues, which have happened because of the Coronavirus has been because of the physical supply chains of gold getting affected. As Bitcoin has better and sturdier foundations, it would be no surprise that their supply chains were not hit. 

Has Gold lost all its Value vis-à-vis Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies?

While enthusiastic crypto journals and forums are all too eager to jump into this conclusion, we should exercise more caution. Gold continues to be a stable investment options for millions all over the world. Financial experts point out that the instability in gold hovers around the 15% mark. 

They also point out that the same for Bitcoins and other crypto stands at least three to four times to that of gold. However, not all is lost when it comes to the crypto front. Bitcoin and other crypto have a definite advantage when it comes to ‘teleportability’. 

In other words, looking to exploit the price advantage in gold between different continents would have to move it physically. The ensuing time could be enough to rid all the price benefit. Bitcoin does not suffer from such issues. It can be moved from one location in one part of the world to another one in an instant. This is a great advantage. 

Gold Backed Stablecoins- A New Step in the right Direction

Rather than see Bitcoin as a threat to Bitcoin, analysts are more interested in stablecoins backed by gold. Even though there are just three of them in the market right now, with a cumulative value of under $100 Million, the potential to bring them to the levels of Equity is for everyone to see. 

Experts are also of the opinion that gold backed stablecoins will get much favourable reception from banks and authorities, as they themselves store gold. Stablecoins backed by gold, are not only a threat to gold, they are a real threat to Bitcoin itself. 

Many also talk about how stablecoins is the combination of all the good elements of gold and Bitcoin, but an evolution over them. This presents stablecoins as some sort of a dialectic over gold and Bitcoins. 


With more and more credible online trading app operating in Bitcoin and other crypto trading, investors are hedging their funds on crypto rather than on gold. Only time will tell, which financial asset comes out stronger- Gold, Bitcoin or Stablecoins? 

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5 Geek Websites To Check During the Lockdown

Countries around the world are implementing lockdowns to slow the spread of the coronavirus. While different places have varying levels of restrictions and set of rules, a lockdown generally means people will have no choice but to spend a lot of time in their homes. As a third of the global population is currently on community quarantine or lockdown, many people are looking for different ways to keep them occupied.

Many see this as an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with families, start a hobby, binge watch TV series, or learn to play an instrument. Fortunately for Anime Geeks, there are plenty of anime websites to visit, such as anime social media hubs, gaming sites, and online otaku shops. Browsing through these websites or engaging in anime fan communities should provide enough activities for anime geeks to prevent boredom.

Otaku Fantasy is an ever-growing anime website and tech geek blog that provides all sorts of content thick with useful information. The blog is being run by someone known as “Senpai King.” From the name itself, the blog focuses on content related to everything that is anime and the otaku niche. Additionally, Senpai King is outspoken with his favorite anime being Hunter x Hunter, so expect several materials would pertain to the anime series. 

The site is rich with diverse content for the otaku from anime related articles, product reviews, and trends on otaku merchandise to the latest news for anime and manga fans. What’s more, is that the site also publishes amazing anime fanfictions and accepts guest fanfictions too. Aside from the anime related content, the site publishes reliable gadget reviews.

Reading articles and all sorts of content are undeniably one of the best ways to pass the time during the lockdown. Not only does it help geeks overcome boredom, but it also allows you to learn something new with every article you read.  

Japan Crate

Whoever thought that you could experience a country’s culture without leaving the comfort of your home, is a website that offers a monthly subscription that sends subscribers snacks and other goodies. The best part is that Japancrate team ships internationally so, almost anyone from anywhere can subscribe.

Japan is known for having the most exciting goodies as they have flavor combinations that defy reason and cuteness that is off the charts. Aside from snacks, the company offers several crate choices with all sorts of stuff, such as beauty products, household items, and magazines. These items will undoubtedly bring joy to anime geeks everywhere amidst the isolation. 

The process is surprisingly simple. Sign up with your name address and payment details and sit tight. The company then packs your box with an assortment of all kinds of things to surprise you. One the package arrives, the next step is to indulge in the “kawaii” goodies from Japan. 


Kongregate is a great site to pass the time while on lockdown. Anime Geeks should find plenty of games under the anime tag, including popular ones that allow you to create your own anime character. However, the site features a plethora of games with more than 30 genres to choose from, so there is something for everyone. 

It is a community-based website that allows game developers to upload their creations for other people to play them. While most of the games are flash-based, there are some that use unity, which is a software platform designed to create 3D games. The site is generally free, although there’s a paid option that gives you perks and advantages over those who play without paying out. 

There are plenty of perks on the site, including achievement systems, which is perfect for competitive players who like to make goals. The site features player incentives such as badges and achievements cards you earn from playing. Moreover, the most exciting things about the paid version are the contests and sweepstakes feature. 

Perhaps the only downside to the site is in its built-in social tools which are filled with trolls and juveniles. On the bright side, most of the problems and abuses that you reported are taken care of promptly.


Animate is one of the largest, legitimate Japanese anime retailers. They have over a hundred physical stores, and almost everything available in their stores is up for sale on their online shop. They virtually have everything that is anime, such as figures, jewelry, clothing, and DVDs. They also sell a lot of exclusive products that you can only find at Animate Stores, so the site is definitely one place to check out. 

One of the best things about the site is that they have an auto-translate button. You can click on the button to have the webpage translated to many different languages, including English, German, Chinese, etc.

The downside is that Animate Japan does not ship internationally. While they do have an international site that they opened in 2017, it has a more limited selection as compared to the Japan site. It does not have the same massive selection of anime and manga merchandise, with new releases included. Fortunately, there are plenty of proxy sites that provide the service of purchasing the merchandise and having it shipped to you. 

Animesuki Forums

The internet is full of communities and opinion sharing forums. Anime is evidently one of those topics that stir up the most discussions considering the massive fan base. There is just plenty to discuss involving hero favorites, story plots, and even philosophies.

When it comes to Anime forums, Animesuki offers a straightforward approach. Upon landing on their homepage, it is not difficult to notice how organized the forum is. You will find a list of anime categorized neatly depending on their status or age, making it surprisingly easy to find a topic you want to talk about.

Furthermore, the site has been around for a while now, which means you are most likely to encounter a lot of seasoned veterans. This makes the discussions more interesting, and the facts exceedingly reliable.

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Know the Risks and Benefits of Investing in Digital Currency


In recent years, the popularity of digital currencies has soared because many traders made a lot of money from the market. On the contrary, many people strongly believe that the crypto market is a scam. A lot of people think it’s not a good way to invest money because it’s not safe and stable.

In fact, investing in digital currencies is very risky if you’re not an informed trader. It is, therefore, a better idea to gain some knowledge and develop the skills required to trade or invest in cryptocurrencies. In this article, we’ll know the risks and benefits associated with digital currencies. This is going to help you get started on your investment journey.

Digital Currency

Many people are wondering what digital currency is. It’s very complicated, and there are a number of reasons for it. We are all aware of the value of money in our lives. Needless to say, money allows us to meet our needs and desires. But what’s a digital currency, how does it work, and what’s its real significance?

Digital currency is a modern type of currency operates in an electronic format. The role of the digital currency is the same as the regular currency, but with many drawbacks, as it is not accepted worldwide. Bitcoin is one of the best examples of digital currencies. You can make your transactions within a very short time frame and transfer money across borders. Nonetheless, using digital currencies is illegal in many countries. Now let us know the advantages and disadvantages of digital currencies.

Benefits of Investing in Digital Currencies

Investing in digital currencies has many advantages. It works through a democratic system such that you have the sole authority to invest in various sites, such as casinos and sports websites. Second, it did not require a complex verification procedure to open an account to invest in digital currencies. Finally, the digital currency industry is not like the conventional financial market, you can trade at any time of the day. Aside from that, there are no transaction fees, conversion rates and other expenses associated with the digital currency. Within a very short time, you can make your transaction across the border.

Risks Associated with Investing in Digital Currencies

Along with the benefits virtual currencies are also associated with many risk factors. It is better to know those risk factors before investing in digital currency.

Fluctuation in value

There is always a fluctuation in the value of the digital currency. That means the value of the virtual currencies can suddenly rise or drop within a day. In some cases, the value of the currency may drop to zero.

Digital Currency Network Risk

It is a failure of the transaction, which means that if a sufficient amount of exchange is not received within a specified period of time, the transactions may get canceled.

Unauthorized transactions of Scam

One of the big problems of digital currencies is that all of your transactions and account balances are stored in digital form. And there’s a high possibility that your digital account could be a target of cyberattacks. In a matter of seconds, you can lose all your money. Since there is no authorizing body and no evidence of identification, you can not take any legal action against it.

System Failure

When the digital payment system fails during a transaction, there is a risk that you will lose the money if your money is deducted because the transaction has not been successful.


Digital currencies like Bitcoin have gained popularity over a relatively short period of time. Bitcoin trading is a successful profitable business if you acquire the knowledge and skills you need to trade. This article discussed the risks and benefits of investing in digital currencies, which we hope would provide some insights.

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5 Questions On Counter-Strike Answered

5 Counter-Strike Questions Answered

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is entering the midway point of 2020 as the world’s leading Esport, having gone from strength to strength throughout 2019 with bigger sponsorships and improved infrastructure, and building on its core following as competitive video gaming continues to surge in popularity around the world.

Boasting a fanbase of over 1 million concurrent players, the game is fast-paced, action-packed and one of the most popular games to check out and watch on sites such as Twitch or YouTube. Expect to see plenty more of Counter-Strike coming in the months and years ahead, and kick things off by taking a look at 5 key questions about the game right here. 

Where / How Can I Play Counter-Strike?   

Valve Corporation own both Counter-Strike and video gaming platform Steam and they made the decision to move the game to a free-to-play model in December 2018. It was a move that made a lot of sense given where the industry on the whole has been moving towards, and the results have already been impressive. 

All you need is an email address for a Steam account and access to the world’s best Esport. 

Who Are The Best Players In The Counter-Strike World? 

The last year or so has been dominated by the discussion over who is the world’s best Counter-Strike player, with Astralis’ ‘Device’, Vitality’s ‘Zywhoo’ and Natus Vincere’s ‘S1mple’ all decent shouts for the title of the game’s number one. 

Device has the honour of calling himself the world’s most decorated player at Major events, claiming the most amount of in-game MVP awards mainly during Astralis’ unprecedented two year reign at the top of the tree. 

2020 has begun with a very different feel to it however. The Intel Extreme World Championships in Katowice earlier this year put S1mple right back at the top of the rankings and crowned as the world’s undisputed best player with an MVP award for the tournament. 

Who Are The Best Teams In The Counter-Strike World? 

Astralis were the undisputed kings of Counter-Strike coming into the close of 2019, having romped to both Major titles at Katowice and Berlin during the year. StarLadder Berin marked the Danish side’s third title triumph in a row and was their fourth Major title in their history, a record in the game. 

Since then however, the whole landscape has evolved into being far more competitive for sides across the world. Natus Vincere’s win in Katowice took them to the top of the world rankings, however teams like Mousesport, Faze Clan, G2 and Fnatic are all nipping at their heels and have more than enough talent to knock any side off their perch on their day. 

What Are The Biggest Counter-Strike Events? 

Big Esports companies such as DreamHack or ESL regularly organise events around the world for fans to tune into and cheer their teams on. Events are organised into tiers from C-Tier, all the way to S-Tiers and Valve Major Championships. Prize pools for these events regularly push into the $1 million mark thanks to sponsorships from companies such as Intel and Mastercard. 

The studio environments and live, arena-filled atmospheres have been replaced by online formats following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the events are still drawing in record numbers of fans, with IEM Katowice and Season 11 of ESL Pro League smashing viewership records on their own. 

Can You Play Counter-Strike Professionally? 

There are a whole host of ways of earning money through Counter-Strike, whether it be via in-game skins for your weapons, various cryptocurrencies or just pure cold cash. Sites like now offer the chance to place wagers on your favourite sides, enter into jackpot competitions for in-game loot and even earn money by backing yourself in a game. 

Counter-Strike is full of local and LAN tournaments for players of all skills to enter into and get themselves on the ladder. The opportunities will only continue to rise as the game continues to grow from landmark to landmark, so there’s really never been a better to jump in and get involved.  

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The Main Benefits of the Best Trampolines for your Family

Are you looking for a suggestion on how to spend more quality time with your family while having fun? In that case, trampolining might be a perfectly entertaining solution, providing your family with the much deserved relaxation as well as an increased level of physical activity. 

In fact, purchasing a trampoline has far more health benefits than you may think. Although it’s initially intended for having fun, the more important function is improving the overall health of all the members of the family. 

Actually, it cleanses the organism from toxins, improves the function of the digestive system, boosts your immunity, ameliorates your coordination and relieves you from stress overload.

Read more about its numerous benefits in detail. 

Body detox

An unbelievable benefit of trampoline jumping is aiding the removal of toxins out of your organism. The lymphatic system in your body is responsible for getting rid of all the toxins, but it won’t perform its function, unless your body produces the right movements. These movements should be in the same direction as the one of the lymphatic fluid, which is in fact vertical, not horizontal. 

Therefore, jumping is the perfect activity, providing all the vertical body movements that your organism requires in order to be free of toxins. Most of the other fitness activities, like jogging, provide horizontal movements instead of vertical. They are beneficial for your overall wellness, but don’t influence the amount of toxins.

Considering the numerous ways in which these poisonous substances enter people’s organism, it’s highly important for the lymphatic system to eliminate them, as the consequences might be severe. Toxins are not only attacking your internal organs, but also cause tissue damage that leads to looking older prematurely. Read more about the subtle signs which demonstrate toxins overload in your organism.

Improved coordination and balance 

Another extremely important benefit of frequent trampolining, is improving your overall coordination, particularly the one of your arms and legs. In order to bounce on the trampoline, you’re supposed to control your limbs, which means your arms and legs should move harmonically.  In the same time, you are also mastering your hand-eye coordination that is indispensable for performing almost every physical activity. 

In fact, trampolining is considered to be one of the most efficient physical activities for people who have experienced a fall and suffer from balance problems. These type of jumps have the capacity to restore their balance much faster than using other types of exercises. It’s especially beneficial for older people, as their recovery takes longer than in the case of the younger generation.

Lose some weight 

One of the reasons why so many people are in love with trampoline jumping, is that is represents a fun way of reducing body weight. It’s considered to be one of the most effective ways of burning calories, as you activate every part of your body during the process. 

In addition, jumping plays a significant role in improving your metabolism, whole slow rate is the most frequent cause for weight gain. Your metabolism gets back up to speed, enabling for the calories you consume to burn much faster than previously. Visit the following link: , to learn how many calories you burn while jumping. The ameliorated function of the lymphatic system also contributes to the lost kilograms, since the presence of toxins is one of the main culprits for weight gain. 

Boosts your immune system

Regardless of how unbelievable it may seem to you, jumping has an amazing effect on the function of your immune system. It directly influences the number of white blood cells, by significantly increasing their number after performing a series of jumps. These cells are the ones that protect your organism when being attacked by a bacteria or some virus.

Furthermore, the low number of white blood cells indicates poor function of the immune system which may eventually lead to cancer. Therefore, by making trampolining one of your everyday activities, you are not only boosting your immunity, but reducing the risk of cancer at the same time. 

Eliminates digestive problems

Nowadays, plenty of people are suffering from digestive problems, as a result of the unhealthy eating habits accompanied by the fast pace of life. Anyhow, trampoline jumping aids in the relaxation of the muscles that are responsible for the bad digestion, thus enabling the food to be digested in a much better way. You will finally be able to consume the vitamins and nutrients your organism refused to consume for a long period of time.

Therefore, doing a series of jumps on a daily basis will make you forget about your constipation issues and get the function of your digestive system back on track. Also, owing to the ameliorated digestion, your metabolism will be faster and your body weight lower. 

Reduce stress

Purchasing a trampoline, such as the ones sold by Top Trampoline, will make you turn trampolining into one of your favorite family entertaining activities. Considering the amount of stress you gain daily, this type of physical activity is exactly what you need. 

In fact, it reduces the stress you’re feeling by causing the brain to release endorphins, the hormones that are responsible for happiness. Automatically, these hormones make you relax and eliminate all the negative energy, accumulated in your body. 

Sparing only ten minutes of your busy schedule on this entertaining activity every day, would also improve your sleep, increase your productivity levels and consequently supply your organism with more energy. Instead of taking pills to cope with everyday worries, trampolining may become your healthy variant of reducing anxiety while spending quality time with your family.

Wrap up

In case you are hesitating about trying trampolining for a while, do not wait any further. Besides enjoying yourself, you will have a chance to experience all the incredible health benefits. 

Give your organism an opportunity to restore its balance, improve its functions and supply you with enough energy. 

Both you and your family deserve it! 

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Get UR Geek On! At Philadelphia Comic Con

Get UR Geek On! at Philadelphia’s Comic Con

Who hasn’t dreamt of sprinting up the 72 steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Arts, reaching the top, and emphatically raising their hands up to the tune of Rocky’s theme song? Everybody has, that’s who! If you visit Philadelphia between April 3-5, 2020 for a geeky-cool event, you will get your chance to do this iconic jaunt, too.

Get Geeky at Comic Con

The Great Philadelphia Comic Con is a celebration of comics and pop-culture taking place from April 3-5. The event will take place at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. This year’s motto is “Get UR Geek On!” The organizers are keen to see what comics, movies, TV, anime, gaming, and cosplay fans bring to the event. They have opened the invitation to kids and even have events lined up just for them. 

The Comic Con will feature guests from Battlestar Galactica, Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Justice League cartoon, the Halo game, AEW wrestling, and so much more. Photo ops and autographs will be available at the event.  

If you want to go native, Philadelphia has some great fictional characters of its own like Rocky Balboa, Will Smith (sort of fictional since he did star in the sitcom The Fresh Prince), War Machine, and Lady Belle.

You’ll need a place to stay for the weekend

If you are coming from out of town, you will want to stay in a hotel near the King of Prussia. Also known as KOP, it is an area housing one of the biggest malls in America, the King of Prussia Mall.

Hyatt House Philadelphia/King of Prussia is one popular choice. The hotel has an indoor pool, business services, fitness center, free Internet, and rooms with small kitchens. It also accommodates pets to complete its family-friendly environment.

If the budget is tight, there is the Motel 6 Philadelphia, a nice hotel that doesn’t scrimp on any amenities. Their outdoor pool is seasonal, and they provide free Wi-Fi. Children and pets stay for free.

Find something to do after convention hours

A must-see would be the King of Prussia Mall. It has over 450 stores, kids play areas, eateries, and so much more. It is Philadelphia’s premier shopping experience, offering a variety of fun activities inside.  

The Philadelphia Museum of Arts offers more than a tremendous Rocky re-enactment. Inside, you will find world-class exhibits. When you visit, just don’t ask about the Rocky statue, it’s a touchy subject. 

If you have the stomach for it, there is an indoor skydiving experience waiting for you. The iFly King of Prussia can bring your Superman suit, Neo leather coat, or any character costume with flight capabilities to life.

There is also a great family escape in Lego Land Discovery Center Philadelphia. They offer 4D cinemas, Lego-themed play areas, and a Ninjago obstacle course. If you don’t have kids, you can visit it during the adult theme nights.


The KOP area has had an influx of new restaurant openings over the years. This boom has made the area rich with foods from different cultures and for different occasions.

Inside the King of Prussia Mall, you can enjoy eateries like:

  • Megumi: a Japanese teriyaki specialist located on the food court. It would make the anime cosplay so much more fun, or at least filling.
  • Creed’s Seafood and Steaks: an American style steakhouse restaurant that also serves seafood and wine. 
  • Tony Luke’s: where you can get those famed Philly cheesesteaks 
  • Morton’s: Known for its grilled steaks. You can also pop in for the fully stocked bar.

Outside the King of Prussia Mall, there are some great restaurants such as:

  • J. Alexander’s: a restaurant with a diverse menu. It caters to just about any taste with sushi, tacos, baby back ribs, caesar salad, and so much more.
  • Tiffin: an Indian restaurant with solid offerings of chicken masala, samosas, curry pots, naan, and other Indian cuisine favorites.
  • The Melting Pot: a fine dining experience, particularly with its fondue. They also serve vegan-friendly and glutinous free dishes.

Live out your fantasy

With a wide variety of offerings in and around the Get UR Geek On Philadelphia Comic Con you can go all out. Become James Bond and wear the finest suits to dine at fine restaurants before your rendezvous at the Philadelphia Museum of Arts. Explore the iconic Rocky locations or just chill and relax like a Fresh Prince born and raised.

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Blue Phones – Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing One

Purchasing a new smartphone is an important decision, regardless of how frequently you get the feeling to treat yourself with an up-to-date gadget. A lot of people are caught up in the frenzy of having the latest model of smartphone on the market, getting bored of it after a while and replacing it with the next model as soon as it’s released. 

Nevertheless, many people don’t realize the mistakes they make when choosing a new phone. They’re blinded by the price and its amazing look, without considering the more important features such as the amount of storage or its size. Plenty of them, make the purchase in the wrong time period, missing the opportunity to get it for a lower price, only due to their impatience. 

In case you don’t want to join the users who already made a mistake, these tips will help you make the right choice.

Don’t go to extremes in terms of price

In order to keep up with the latest trends, many people are tempted to purchase the costliest smartphone in the store, without rationally considering its price. Moreover, as people are nowadays provided with the option of paying the cost in monthly installments, they’re even further encouraged to opt one of the most expensive models, as they won’t be charged with the full price at once. Anyhow, sooner or later, you’ll end up paying the same amount of money, or even higher when calculating the interest. 

You can’t help but wonder, why overspend on the latest model, when you can find a more affordable option, equipped with the same features? In fact, plenty of people who own high-priced cellphones aren’t using the advanced features they have, as they don’t really need them. The best alternative is finding a mid-priced variant which has exactly what you need and use the rest of your planned mobile budget, for something worth spending your money on. 

On the other hand, purchasing the lowest-cost variant on the market is not a wise decision as well. Those smartphones which offer pretty much the same features as the other models, but differ drastically in terms of price, are likely to be of less quality, which suggests being more prone to breaking down.  Visit this page to see which factors affect cellphones’ price. 

Pick the right time

As much as you’re eager to purchase the smartphone you have in mind, don’t rush with your decision until you’ve checked out the manufacturer’s plan on releasing a new model. The unwritten rule is that as soon as a brand new model hits the market, the previous one drops in price. 

Therefore, in case you intend to purchase one which has been released nearly a year ago, don’t forget to do a research on whether another is coming soon. In case it does, wait for the moment and choose one of the two possible options. You can either buy the one you chose for a lower price or purchase the latest model for pretty much the same cost. 

However, bear in mind that trying to keep up with the mobile trends by always having the latest model is almost impossible and rather costly, considering the frequency of their release on the market. It indicates buying a new cellphone at least twice a year, selling the one you already have and adding extra money to make the purchase. 

Choosing a phone with wrong size

Regardless of how much you want the smartphone you see on the mobile e-store, you need to pay attention to its dimensions, as first of all, your cellphone has to be handy. There’s a wide range of sizes to choose from, but the one you’d select will depend strictly on your preferences.

In case you plan to keep it in your pocket, you’d need a small-sized phone unlike the large-sized ones which can only fit in a bag. Therefore, before making an order, find a phone with the same size and see how it fits in your hand. If some of your friends don’t have one, you can always pay a visit to a mobile store and check out the models or click on the following link:, for tips on how to find the phone which fits your hand the best. 

Having no case

Although you may have planned to buy a case as soon as you get your smartphone, this idea somehow disappeared from your mind when you eventually bought it. In the minute when you finally get the long-desired cellphone, you immediately forget about the case or any other protection you intended to buy. 

However, if you don’t want your precious gadget to fall and break into pieces, which is likely to happen after a certain period of time, then you’d better get a case as well as protective glass to shield it as much as you can. 

Regardless of how nice and thin your phone looks without a case, it won’t look nice when your screen gets broken or damaged. Buy a case before your gadget ends up on the ground.

Getting a phone with deficient storage

There’s nothing worse than buying a cellphone with low amount of storage, as you’ll have to constantly delete files and applications in order to make space for new ones. If your last phone lacked storage, you hopefully learned the lesson by getting one which has more than enough. 

Usually, the ones which cost less have scarce storage in comparison with the ones higher in price. However, the least you can do is buy a variant with the option of adding an external SD card, which adds extra gigabytes to the internal memory. In fact, there are Blu phones that you can get from Amazon, which are both affordable and have enough storage. 

Wrap up

Regardless of how meaningless buying smartphones seems in the modern era, you’re still expected to make a wise decision. 

Determine your real needs and you won’t make a mistake!

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