鯛焼き+パフェ「鯛パフェ」@ブギス Singapore

Taiyaki fish shaped deserts. Don’t worry, they’re not really fish – They’re actually made from pancake or waffle batter. – I’ve always wanted to try one of these. These ones look extra yummy with soft serve icecream (or is that yogurt) inside of them.


Koyonplete’s biggest project this year – “Princess of Monaco” – casting the HOTTEST voice actors now in Japan!
[Character Profile]
Character Voice: ???
“Do you take pleasure in my teasing?”
Sadistic × Arrogant 30 Years Old

A calm and collected prince who used to be a Formula One racer. Although his cold and harsh words may intimidate and distance himself from most people, this might be his coping mechanism as a result of a certain incident years ago.

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This game looks good. I love Kyonplete’s Love Academy.